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kansas city

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Dec 18, 2004
Does anyone know of any places that people go that is a good hook up for black men. Im thinking of taking my wife to Kansas City for the weekend and want to get in a good target rich enviroment. She as been with black men before we were married and said that it was the best sex she as every had. We have talked about it, watch interracial videos and even purchased a black dildo for her which she seems to enjoy very much, just misses the warmth of the real thing. Now trying to take it to the next level. She doesnt know that Im trying to set something up. Bit I have teased her with it for awhile. If anyone would like to help out with information it would be great. Maybe even join us. No pictures at this time but Im working on it. Thanks
I would be glad to help, I know the city well, and I have the same intrests
e mail me at : richurt@earthlink.net
Are you in KCK, or KCMO ? I'm in the Topeka, KS area...Maybe I can help. Let me know.
Kansas City blk stud would love to show her a good time. email me lets talk about it

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