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We need pix of hot ladies with the name of our new site written on their bodies either alone or while they're in action, the new site is! We have to show everyone who comes there what the site is all about as soon as they open the page. If you can make some action pics (with a dick in your mouth for example) you can get paid for them, just email us webmaster AT

Also keep making your pix, we love them!
wcpl4interracial lovers

we are hot horny 55 y sexy attractive w cpl in search 4a alike cpls
prefaerably with blk friend, hubby or lover.
wife have had her firstexperience few years go, i want to see her
to receive more of that hot blk cum.
Any guys / cpls interested to breake her in, pls answer back or respond direct
to address;

pretty keen...

...sounds like fun, i like, am already signed up! Am interested in posting up some action shots, but is it ok to not have face pics? anything else is cool.

claire, 37 white redhead wanton insatiable slut looking for obedient cuck to serve me and my lovers and devour all the luscious creampies i will allow you to have...
yahoo: asweetcake4u
perfect cuck

hi claire i would be the perfect cuck for you anything goes.
We'll do pic's for the site and stuff... but none with the face at this time.
You know how to contact us.