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Lets talk about creampies

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Jul 26, 2005
Hello everyone....Let me start out by saying i'm not gay or even bisexual. Having said that i'm going to tell you that i love creampie. For the past 3 years i've been in a cuckold relationship with my wife. For the past 2 years i've licked her pussy clean after her black lover has finished. I unusually jack-off while licking and sucking the creampie from my wifes pussy. my wife has sex only with black men and i only like creampie maded by black men. Me eating creampie all started 2 years ago when we were driving home from meeting her black lover at a motel. She told ne it was ashame to waste black cock cum by cleaning her pussy with kleenx. she told me that night that from now on i was to lick her pussy clean and not a drop was to be wasted.
I wanted to hear other people opinion on this subject

We are a white couple 35 & 32 from Alabama, happily married for 14 years, 3 childern. We both love the cuckold lifestyle. she has a high sex drive and for the past 3 years black men has taking care of all her sexual needs. Most of the time we meet her black lover twice a week
Let's hear what you wife says about it




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In my opinion, there is no point to fucking a white woman if I can't nut inside her.

It's an honor and a privilege to be offered a creampie. I dated a girl years ago who had a black master and he'd have me "clean up" after. We only saw him once a month, but.. I definitely looked forward to it.
Creampie Duty

It is becoming widely known about our duty as whites to be included in carrying the black cum inside us, just like our women carry it...Carry it as a couple, and the creampie is a perfect way to transfer it from black balls to white bellys, via our womens white pussy.
sexual fun

you guys how about instead of this crap about white whimps ect lets talk about the good fun that we have with any third party. firstly i to am not bi or gay but have this thing about cleaning the wife up after she has had black cock this does not make me a white wimp or crap like that but is just good harmless fun in the bedroom no matter who it is with. this ir subject would progress further if everybody just was here as equals for fun. let me tell you that all these harsh words about white slut,trash ect really do the cause harm not good as 90% of the white girls really do like to be looked after before they take a lenght. so if you really want to have a bigger catchment , cut the nasty crap and treat us like normal people looking to have fun with black cock with out the shit. good luck and happy shagging. :D
naxos said:
In my opinion, there is no point to fucking a white woman if I can't nut inside her.


Peace. 8)
Hello Bill and Mary..I am a 38yo dwm soldier returning for Iraq. I have been wanting to taste my first creampie. I want it to be from a petite woman and made by black dick. Would you help me with this. I am from Mobile, AL. Thanks
I am a divorced white male in Alabama and have yet to experience this dick hardening lifestyle. I have been a fan of black into white for many years and I feel it is my time to pay my dues to black by carrying the seed of the black race inside me.

My ultimate thrill would be to date a very attractive white female that does black only, has black cum inside her while on our dates, she reminds me often that she just wants to be seen with a whiteboy in public while full of black cum inside her, and would never allow me to see her naked, much less fuck her.

Have her tell me that I will strip naked when she tells me to, as she can see me naked whenever she wants but I can't see her.

She can watch while she makes me suck a black dick to watch it cum in my mouth, lick her black creampie from her white pussy while blindfolded as I am not allowed to see her naked.

She makes me strip and hand her my clothes while she remains fully clothed, then makes me go to her car with her as she drives me around town totally naked, leaving my clothes at her place, with no possibility of covering up, the whole time we are gone. Laughing at my predicament while telling me I cant see her nude, ever.

Any Bama girls out there to oblige?
I have been dinning on my sexy wifes creampies for a few years now. I first started out by eating my cum from her pussy, but over the last couple years Ive been lucky enough to clean out her freshly filled pussy a number of times. Last winter she and I had a threesome with a hung black man he filled her three time and each time he encouraged me to eat her clean as he watched.

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