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Looking for MWC in Chicago Downtown Area

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May 18, 2005
Looking for couples living close to the Downtown area. Get alot of this BLACK FUCKING DICK!


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You have got the most beautiful black cock Ive ever seen., and wish I was riding that right now. I know that feels soooooooooooo good.
If you ever get to NJ call 856-498-0367.

having wet dreams about you tonight, Jeany
YUMMY! Can i taste??? :D

Very very nice....I'd like to lick it like a lollipop...mmmmmmmm.
Oh, MY....LOVELY...strong, big, thick...VERY NICE!!!...xoxoxox Kate
Hi - We are an attractive married couple (mid 30's) in the suburbs. My wife is a fashion model (5'9" 105 lbs) very trim, slim and very sexy. We are searching for a attractive black man, fit, well hung, well mannered professional to have a discrete meeting with downtown. Please either let us know how we can reach you or please email us at gfrederick1@earthlink.net. I will send you some photos of my wife and vice versa. Thanks
would love to setup a "chance" encounter for my wife. we are in burbr but will be downtown early jan for a convention and will likely get a room. pm if interested.

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