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mary pat mature mwf in Minnesota looking to go black

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Feb 28, 2004
minneapolis mn
we are a mature couple in Minneot looking to make our fantay of Mary pat to go black a reality. Mary Pat is n attractie brunette 5ft 7 140 lbs 3-32-38nice long strong legs and very broad hipbones built forwell enowed mens use. Mary Pat will go bareback and yes if she gets involcved to the poisnt she submitts totally and completely to black sexing this is ok
Ed and Mary
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contact me

I am located in Minnesota suburbs. Contact me so we can talk: mmn_man@yahoo.com
mbm in Minneapolis very interested.. send me a mesage to howardw@visi.com if you would like an athletic male 5'10" 230lbs looking for a fun couple
thks for the interet in my wife Mary Pat and yes she us about to go black all the way which makes me very happy. I dont know what is going to happen to Mary pat but I will be very coperative in letting her goto get involved with black men and yes Iwant her to go bareback
thanks for the interst in my wife Mary Pat and hope to meet some of you soon

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