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Mature Asian SA, TX

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Jul 2, 2004
Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 9:35 am Post subject: Mature asian lady


Mature Asian lady 57 yrs old, in San Antonio TX a little plump around the edges (5' 4" 135 lbs)but working hard to get into shape interested in finding a nice older black gentleman that would enjoy the company of a obeident lady from Thailand. Have been divorced for six years and now relize that I feel so much more freedom with a black man than I ever could have before, I can now be myself and follow my heart, mind and sexual needs, which are to serve a firm "kinky" black man. Have been with three black men since my divorce six yrs ago and I could have never belived that sex, no sex is with white men I mean fucking could be so much fun and pleasurable. I am very oral and love showing my man how much I love the taste of his cum. 8) If interested please write me at yauwalak54@y...


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Im interested in meeting. Will travel if necessary. Email me at czogg99@yahoo.com. Put in darkcavern or I will delete the message
Asian Beauty!

I love Asian women. I have read your story in the past from the blacklover site. Good to see that you are hooked on black men.

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