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MFM to Cuckold Plan


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Apr 24, 2024
Hello everyone,
I am here to share my progress so far and also looking for some advice. I (M25) have been fantasizing about seeing my Gf (W25) with another men for a long time. A couple years ago I started bringing it up while we were flirting with each other. At first she didn’t seem to be interested at all. But over the years she got more used to my fantasy, but she told me that she doesn’t want to be with another man(she is very shy and I am the only person she had sex with).

Now the update. Half a year ago we moved to a different country to do some work/holiday and I started bringing it up again and she confessed that maybe a 3some with another man could be fun. I started looking online for a straight guy and found one. They chatted a bit and see seems to like him and is happy to try MFM. But I have something else in mind.
Tonight we set up the meeting but I am going to meet the guy before my GF joins and he already agreed to make a plan how to make her his Slut.

Any advice on how to turn the MFM into a cuckold scenario?

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How is this going so far? Any success?
Hot bro love to talk to u

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