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Mike, Me and My College Girlfriend Amanda

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Oct 18, 2005
This is a 100% true story
Back in college I had a roommate (Mike) who is black, we became good friends and hung out all the time. I had a GF (Amanda) at the time and often the three of us would go out and party all the time. Most of the time Mike was able to hook up with a girl he met while we were out. Amanda and I had a great sex life, there much we didn't do sexually. One night I asked her if there was anything she had not done sexually that she wanted to do, a 3some she answered, one with her, me and another guy and the other with her, me and another girl. We talked about some of her female friends trying to figure out what ones we could try to join us for a MFF 3some. I asked her if I had any guy friends that she would be interested in for a MMF 3some she quickly said Mike. I was surprised she said him because she had never once mentioned any attraction to him. A few nights later when Mike and I were out drinking I told him what Amanda said, at first he was saying things like whatever, no way , you BSing me etc… I said I would call her right now, when I did and told her Mike was all for it she said come over now. We went to her room and at first it was awkward so we played a game of truth or dare and drank. One of the dares I gave Amanda was to climb onto Mike and simulate riding him and from there things took off. They started it kiss as I undressed her and soon enough we were all naked. I was the first one to go down on her and fuck her while she was blowing Mike. I remember my thought process being that Mike’s cock was so big there is no way I want to follow him. It wasn’t long before Me and I switched roles, he was fucking her while she was blowing me. Watching Mike fuck her made me cum (Amanda swallowed which she always did) I spent the next 15-20 min watching Mike fuck Amanda in every position possible until he cam in her mouth. After the 3 of us laid in bed laughing and making jokes. The drinking and fucking made us all thirsty so I went out to get some water from the vending machines downstairs, when I returned I walked in to see Amanda blowing Mike, shockingly I said “what the hell” Amanda just looked at me and smiled. Before I knew it he was fucking her again while I stood there watching. He finished up I her mouth again got dressed and we left. On the way back to our room Mike talked about how great it was and how hot Amanda’s body was and how great she was in bed. He asked if she always swallowed and I told him yes, she did not like guys cumming inside her. It soon became a Saturday night thing, the 3 of us would go out like always and if Mike didn’t hook up we would go back and have a 3some. It got to the point that Mike would tell me he didn’t want to meet anyone when we went out because he wanted to fuck Amanda later that night. Soon enough it went from a 3some to Mike fucking Amanda when we got back, when he was done she would climb back into my bed. I would come back from class to find Mike fucking Amanda or I would stop by her room to find Mike there. I wasn’t mad, I just accepted it. Nothing changed between and I Amanda she just liked fucking Mike on the side and he liked it as well. When the semester things started to changed between the 3 of us. More later on what happend that summer later.

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