Mobile Alabama anyone?

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Hey guys, my wife and I are visiting Mobile ALabama during the Thanksgiving weekend. She and I have heard that black guys are well hung and know how to use what they have. Is that true? Anyone want to show us? She is 48, a beautiful red head, and full of the need for sex. I like watching her in action with her lovers.

Let me know right here if anyone is up for it.


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Fun in Mobile

There's a very good chance that I will be in Mobile that weekend and would love to discuss the possibilities. How about a way to contact you.

hi, how long will u b n the mobile area? i will b on Dauphing Isle the week after tksgiving. u may contact me,, i reside n atl
I love Canadian women

Hello Watcher2, contact me at, I'm a SBM from Mobile and can meet with you. I love canadian women, spent some time in Victoria, BC with the military. I've been looking to meet up with a sweet canadian lady since, someone that I can meet up with on a regular basis, I can travel to Canada or we can meet in America, In fact I would love to have a connection in Canada so that I can visit that beautiful country from time to time.