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More exciting with black gentlemen

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amaze my wife

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Apr 30, 2005
Just from physical appearances, my wife and I could be viewed as a cuckold couple. She is a 5'10" tall, busty 38DD, sexy-looking lady, while I am a short 5'7", small-sized, and passive man with only a 4.5 inch endowment. There isn't much question she is "way too much woman" for me to handle, and since my admission of that fact to her, we have played in the lifestyle at times over the years with both white and black men.

We both always find it rather exciting and thrilling when a tall, well-built man, no matter what his color, is in our presence and perhaps only has just an inkling of, or even correctly guesses the dynamics of our own sexual relationship. If we are out in public at a bar or dance club or at a party, and let's say she is wearing high heels and a short skirt, and acting the sexy, lusty, busty amazon wife towering over me, her little passive husband, it can attract a lot of attention. We are always at the very least amused when the dynamics of our relationship attracts the attention of a tall, well-built man, who cannot help himself and suddenly interacts with us in some way, perhaps humorously and sometimes brazenly flirting with her in front of me.

But nothing is as thrilling or exciting when that man happens to be a tall, muscular, and handsome black gentleman. We have been in situations like this over the years and it is particularly stimulating to us in a controlled, social setting. Instead of just being amused, we have often have been delightfully amazed by these "giant" black men and how provocative and thrilling such an interaction can be in the course of their conversation with us. As a rule, the black men have a more dominant, confident, and self-assured manner about them than their white counterparts, yet they are not obnoxious or threatening to us as some white men have been at times. Where we have walked away from such white men, we have never been so turned off by a black man that we moved on and ended the conversation.

Truthfully, the vast majority of the time, because of social pressures and restrictions, no matter what the man's color is, it really doesn't go much further than the flirting stages, and later the interaction becomes just a source of fantasy for my wife and me imagining that it had gone futher. But the times it has gone further in these situations and fantasy indeed became a reality, it has been with a black gentleman.

The women I know who prefer black guys all comment on their confidence. I'm friends with quite a few and even when I'm with them the black guys never have any problem butting in and taking over, but maybe they can tell that's what we both want!

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