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My First BBC

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Gary and I love group sex and I had also lusted with the thought of sleeping with a black man, so when these two fantasies came together when we met Ray I was in heaven. Gary is so pleased that I have the same sexy dreams as him; I just love to fulfill these when he is there with me.

One thing always helps when I am in the mood for some fun, booze! I do like a drink to help remove my inhibitions and Gary really gets off on the drunken, sluttish way that I behave. The vodka had flowed freely during the afternoon as we got ready to go out and by 8pm on Friday evening when we arrived I guess that I had already ***** around half a bottle, Gary staying sober as he had to drive, poor thing! By the time we got there, undressed into our towels and walked back down to the bar and had another couple of drinks I was most certainly in the mood! Despite being sober Gary was up for some fun too, he leant down and kissed me passionately which took my breath away. I could feel his hand creeping up my thigh towards my pussy as we sat side by side on the barstools.

"You are a dirty horny girl and plenty of single men in here for tonight," he said sliding his hand onto my pussy. "Feeling horny tonight?"

Between the alcohol and his hand massaging my pussy, I had started getting wet. He continued to finger my wet pussy as I became aware of someone move and stand beside us. I turned sideways and looked up at the tall black guy, aged around 35, a few years younger than us. I felt quite at ease with myself even though I was a little older than the man standing beside us, I kept myself trim and was happy with my petite body. I also knew that my mop of thick red hair was a feature that attracted a lot of men.

"Looks like you're having a good time," a deep voice said close to my ear.

"We always have a good time here. We have been regulars for about 2 years and had a lot of fun," Gary answered as our new friend moved closer.

"Well my name is Ray, nice to meet you both," he said. "In fact I have seen you before but not had the chance to join in with your fun. Yet!"

We had indulged many of our fantasies at the club, group sex with other couples and Gary had shared me with other men and been really turned on by me being ravished by other men, yet I had still not been with a black man. We had discussed exactly this scenario and I knew Gary would be happy for Ray to join us. We chatted at the bar for a few minutes talking about the club while I looked at Ray's well-built physique, he was about 6'2" with a lithe build, looking good naked except for a towel around his waist. He glanced down at my ******* ginger haired pussy as Gary fingered my wet pussy and massaged my clit.

"Will you excuse me for a minute? I just need to nip back to the changing room," Ray said smiling, all wide lips and glistening white teeth.

This gave me the chance to check things with Gary, "I like him Gary and it's something we have fantasised about. Shall we have some fun?" As I waited for Gary's answer I gulped down the last of my vodka.

"I'd love to see his black cock fuck you Jayne," Gary said. "I bet he'd love to sink his big black cock all the way inside you!"

Gary whispering about letting another man fuck me almost sent me over the edge, I have always been turned on by dirty talk. I took Gary's hand from between my thighs and we got off the stools as Ray returned. I noticed Ray now had condoms under his elastic wristband, he was obviously feeling confident and rightly so! I was trembling and I could feel the dampness between my legs as Ray moved closer and put his hands around my waist, I could see that he already had quite a bulge under his towel.

"We are going for a wander around Ray, do you want to come too?" Gary said.

"I'd love to spend some time with you two, you are a very attractive woman Jayne."

The three of us then just wandered around the rooms upstairs, some rooms were locked, others were empty but there was lots of fun going on in the couples only room as the three of squeezed into the dark corner and looked through the two way mirror at the couples fucking on the huge bed, my heart was pounding and I hoped in this tight dark space Ray and Gary would take the chance to feel me. I reached over to Gary and began fondling his hard cock just as Ray moved closer and I felt his hardness rub against my hip.

"Do you mind?" Ray whispered as he slid his hand down over my stomach to my pussy, as Gary stood close on the other side rubbing against me squeezing my bum. I was really getting wet as I felt Ray palm my pussy in his hand.

"Mm! That feels good," I whispered to Ray looking up into his eyes just as he easily slipped a finger into my soaking pussy. He pulled me close and pressed his lips passionately against mine for a deep kiss that took my breath away, Gary tightened his hold around my waist and I felt his cock pressing against my bum.

The booze probably was responsible for me being so relaxed in this situation as I let this dark stranger kiss me while my husband rubbed himself against my arse. As the kiss ended I glanced down and saw Ray's cock sticking out of his towel.

Ray laughed and said "You like that babe?" He took hold of my hand and placed it on his cock, "It'll get even bigger and harder if you stroke it!"

"Mm! Big and hard." I murmured stroking him.

Ray traced a finger down to a few inches above my belly button. "The end of my cock will be just about this deep in you, I want your pussy, I want to fuck you Jayne," Ray whispered. I groaned and felt my knees buckle a little as the two men squeezed and fondled me. I licked my lips as Gary held my thick ginger hair and spoke, "Suck it, I want you to suck his black cock, my little slut."

Just for a moment I stood and hesitated and watched the couples fucking in the room in front of us as Gary gently applied pressure to the back of my head while Ray removed his towel. I had my fingers around the big dark shaft and began to slide the skin up and down gently, it was silky smooth and I had to taste it.

"Suck my cock Jayne," Ray said as I dropped to my knees onto the carpeted floor and took what I could into my mouth. His cock was long and hard as a rock. I reached around and took his bum in my hands as I ran my tongue all around the head as I let it slide into my mouth.

He wrapped his hand in my red hair and said, "Oh yeah baby, suck it. Oh fuck, that's good," as he gently thrust into my mouth. "Your wife really has a sweet mouth."

I felt so horny on my knees sucking Ray off while my husband stood over me. I slid my lips up and down his big black cock making it shiny and glisten. I moaned out as it went deep as I got used to the size of his cock and I slurped noisily as my mouth bulged. I looked around in the darkness and saw more feet; we had attracted an audience of our own in this dark corner and there were now several other men hoping to join in on the action as they watched.

I felt Gary's hands on me again as he lifted me to my feet, "come on honey, I don't want this getting too out of hand, let's find a room somewhere."

He held my hand as we walked past the voyeurs, a few hands sneaking a quick feel of my pussy and tits as we squeezed by. The truth is the way I felt at that moment I could have taken them all on although this maybe might have pushed Gary a little too far! Gary held my hand as we walked only a few feet down the passage, turned and led us into a small room and locked the door behind us. Gary held me tightly in his arms, pulling my towel off at the same time as his mouth found mine, I felt his long hard cock press against my pussy as his hands massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples. I wanted to say that I loved him and I was so turned on but I couldn't speak as he continued to French kiss me. Gary continued kissing me and gently nudged me backwards until the bed hit the back of my legs and we stopped kissing as I sat back on the bed looking at the two big hard cocks pointing straight at me.

"Well, I like what I see!" I said as I lay back, my legs slightly open.

My husband's reaction to a black man about to fuck his wife was obvious as I looked at him smiling with his cock as hard as I've ever seen it. He's definitely not a wimpy submissive kind of man; so I knew he would want to be in the thick of it not just want to watch me be the submissive little ginger haired slut that I love to be!

The bed creaked loudly as the two men clambered on to join me, I turned my legs towards Ray who took the hint and started to rub my thighs gently and then pushed me flat on the bed as his head ducked to my pussy. His mouth felt great on my pussy, I just closed my eyes and moaned. Gary holding his cock knelt over my head and I quickly closed my lips over his cock. A cock in my mouth, hands on my tits and a black man sucking my cunt. I was in heaven and needed to cum! I pulled my knees up over Ray's shoulders as he moaned between my legs and licked my clit. I wrapped my legs around him as he continued to suck at my swollen clit. Waves of lust began washing over me, our moans filled the room along with smell of sex as I lifted my head and whimpered to Gary, "Fuck me."

I rolled away from Ray and turned towards my husband wanting him in me first. Gary straddled me as I guided his cock into me and he slipped in deep. He gripped my hips hard with his fingers and started fucking me deep and hard, I felt all his weight pressing me into the bed as he started whispering filth in my ear.

"Have I got enough for you slut? This is what you want baby, me fucking you then Ray is going to fuck you!"

I was almost delirious with pleasure as we fucked and I stared at Ray sitting beside us waiting his turn. Ray smiled as he saw me look and began stroking his hard black cock, I love to watch a man wank, I was delighted and I just stared at it. Clear fluid was oozing out of the big slit, a thick black foreskin covered the bulbous head and big veins ran all over the surface.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming, shit!" I moaned. It was all too much for me as I shuddered and clutched at the mattress, my body spasmed as I came moaning softly. Gary muffled my moans kissing me deeply as I fought to catch my breath.

As I calmed down I continued to stare at Ray's cock as he rolled on a condom looking down at me.

"Do you mind if he fucks me? I want his cock inside me." I asked Gary looking straight into his eyes.

"I can't wait to see his big black cock fuck you honey," he said as he got off me and sat on the edge of the bed. I sat up and spread my legs towards to Ray.

Ray quickly moved and positioned himself between my spread thighs, he ran his hands up and down my body, squeezing my tits and he gave me a deep, wet kiss and whispered into my open mouth, "I'm going to fuck you now, you sexy little slut," Ray said. "You want to fuck in front of your husband? Your husband will get a good view of his wife taking my big black cock."

"Oh yes, fuck me." I said pushing against Ray's hips. I could feel the head of his penis begin to slowly enter me. He put his hands on my hips and we began to work together as I pushed into him, his cock slipping deeper into my pussy.

"Does that feel good?" he suddenly asked. I looked down between our bodies and almost came again when I saw his big cock was inside my cunt lips.

"Mm" I moaned, "Do you have to ask?"

As I spoke he suddenly impaled me with the full length of his cock. It was a feeling so intense that it actually took my breath away, the force of his penetration so strong.

I was full and was kissing Ray all over his face as he gasped, "Yea, Jayne I'm really going to have fun with you."

He grabbed my hips and began to pound me hard, held me tightly, fucking me deep.

I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy and I began groaning with pleasure as he increased the pace making me want to cum again. His thick lips pressed against mine and he pushed his tongue into my mouth and halfway down my throat as he crushed me to his powerful body.

"Oh yes, just like that." I whispered. I put my hand between us and rubbed my clit and closed my eyes as I started to cum. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming, shit!"

"Cum, Baby. Cum for me. Don't hold back." Ray growled. Suddenly my body arched, my legs stiffened and my arms were around his neck as I bucked up and down and I came moaning as I sank my mouth in his thick muscled neck.

Rays cock was still hard in me as I held him close and whispered, "that was lovely!"

He slowly withdrew his wet cock and said, "Now, get on your hands and knees baby."

I groaned with pleasure as I knelt on all fours and Ray nudged up close behind me and rubbed his cock against my pussy. I opened my eyes to see Gary stroking his cock about three feet away on the edge of the bed.

"You're beautiful, looks like you're having a good time," he said smiling at me.

"I love you," I whispered looking at my husband as he moved closer

I began to finger myself when I felt Ray's hand on my bum, positioning me. I gladly followed his direction as his hand spread my juices all over my pussy and bum. I felt Ray's hands grasp my hair and jerk my head up and back so I was looking straight at my husband as he slipped inside me again.

"Mm! You love my black cock. Slut! Fucking me with him watching." Ray said obviously realising my love of dirty talk.

"Yeah, fuck me! Gary come here, I want you in my mouth."

Ray gripped my hips and rammed inside me as I let out a loud groan and began to push back against him. Ray had his hands still gripping my hair tightly as Gary knelt in front of me and slipped his cock between my lips. As I felt his wet and throbbing cock slip deep in my mouth I knew that my husband had loved watching his submissive ginger slut wife getting fucked by a black man. I lovingly sucked him and looked up to see his smiling face as he looked down onto my sweat covered back as I it arched against Ray's now slow deep thrusts. I could feel Ray's balls banging against my pelvis and his hands were trembling as he gripped my hips, I felt absolutely full! I was almost delirious with pleasure when I felt Ray tensing up; I knew he was going to cum.

"Your wife is a great fuck. I'm ready to cum. Get ready baby," Ray said. With a loud grunt, as he started to cum I went over the edge and came again just a second or two behind as our bodies convulsed together. I could only moan softly with my husbands cock filling my mouth. I looked up at Gary's tensed up face and felt his cum shoot into my mouth just as he groaned.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming!" as he too gripped my head cumming in my mouth.

We lay on the bed, still joined together as I felt two cocks soften in my body. Gary was the first to pull out and reached over for some tissues handing them out to us. I had sperm in my hair, all over my face, tits, and my pussy hair was matted down and my pussy was red, swollen and sore. With a slurp Ray pulled out and disposed of his cum filled condom into the bin. I looked lustfully at black cock, still big and shiny and knew I would want it again. I then looked at Gary as he sat next to me and cuddled me affectionately.

"You were great Jayne," Ray said as he reached down and kissed me gently and shook hands with Gary and left the room.

"Time for a shower I think love," he said.

"It is. Are you ok because I really let myself go?"

"Yes, I love you so much and even more when you are a slut for me."

Gary quickly showered and then left me to soak under the hot water jets while he went down to the bar to get a drink I put on some clothes and joined him for a quick drink before the drive home but what he did at the bar made my heart thump again.

"I am sure you will want this baby," Gary said handing me a piece of paper. " I enjoyed tonight as much as you so want some more. I have given Ray your phone number and email address and here is his!"

Tonight we had opened a new chapter in our swinging life and I knew the way we felt we would be seeing Ray again. I think Gary has what he has wanted now, a loving wife and mother for 5 days a week and at weekends a real slut.

I hope you enjoyed my first effort. I needed Gary's help and nagging to do this so would love some readers comments as to whether I should do some more
Very Hot Babe! Sexy story! Would love to have been there to watch even. Would also like to see a pic of you sucking Gary???
My goodness....hot wives with hubbies consent is so hot

I can not wait to get another wife who will indulge in the "black cock" experience again. It is so great to hear your discription of your first. I will be watching for you on this site yahoo messenger: robert2137205:lick:

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