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My GF wants to try her first bbc. please cum on her.

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Apr 11, 2005
At last i convinced my 25 yo gf to try a really big black cock.
she's very sexy and hot.
here are some pics of her nice virgin ass. what do u think about her?
i hope u like (and will help) her.
What do I think? I think you are a guy that swiped pics from the 'net
ok...some people tell us that we are fake. we can ensure u that we are not fake!
here are some pics for that people. she wrote "darkcavern.com i want a big black cock" on her ass and her nick on her tummy ("elsablack") and other things on her tits (" i want to suck a big black cock")...
so...we hope u could believe us...and contact immediately!
she want to suck a real big black cock!
I have paint on my computer too....where is your ad?
Hey white man, i'm sorry that u don't believe.
let's play...
I would like to see your black cocks over my pics after a great cumshot on it...please post this kind of photo on my board...
...Just a pic of my best activity...
Kisses from Elsablack
I love how elsablack's hair is long, then short, then really long, and her stomach tends to shift sizes with each pic.... also that the backgrounds are whited out on two of the pics. Dude - get a life, and a real wife.
Dear VanillaBlonde20..maybe you are too young to know that long hair can be cut or short hair can grown...maybe u don't know that some people can change their weight (but i'm always a very very beautiful girl)...or their suits..or take pics of their body in several moments of their life...and post pics of theese different moments...
there are many pics of beautiful female in this site...but nobody thinks that they are fake. i don't know why people think this of me...i tryed to convince them that i'm real..and i think that intelligent people believe me...i post this pics for them.
just a question: what do u think about the girl in the pics? do u think it is my dog?
Best Regards.
Let's settle this

To settle this once and for all, show a picture of you with your right middle finger inside your pussy and your left middle finger stuck out for the non believers. That would mean you have to take a new picture of yourself, wouldn't it?
LOve your pics

extremely hot and 100% real. Love them. thx
pix look real to me, and she looks fucking hot! :!:
At last there are people who believe..
My best kisses for them...

man, she is one beautiful, sexy, white girl, begging to fuck and suck black cock....I hope to see many of her pics loaded with black cock cum soon....hurryup guys.....she is ready and waithing
another one for u

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