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My girls first black

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May 10, 2004
My girls first experience.. (true story, warts and all)

My girl and I met online 3 years ago and will be married and together in the spring(long story i wont bore you with) I am 34 my fiancee is 31 buxom blonde/blue 5'6 44dd shaven..

During out time together we have talked about her with other men, especially black men but until then it had just been fantasy talk during our phone sex..


It Was just a normal a normal day, us chatting online as we do everyday. Then my girl headed off to the store to get a few beers. She comes back all exited telling me how she met this black guy in the store, started flirting with him and gave him her number!
Now she has phone sexed many black guys we have met online over the years, but none from her home town (rare to see a black guy around) so this was an interesting situation.

Anyway he calls later, she invites him over, puts on her best slutty outfit...
15 minutes later hes sat on her bed! (very dark avergae build guy about 26) her on cam teasing me and the rest of the room with her 44dds.. he cant keep his eyes off her,after a while reaches out and touches her a bit, but after some discussion he wont do anything with her on cam! Having a loving wife she refuses to turn it off so in the end the guy decides to leave, mentioning something about maybe sending his cousin over..

So we wait a while for him to come back.. he never shows so we decided to make our own fun, we get off the puters and my girl gets on her bed with her toys and we talk on the phone, make up the fantasy of what could have happened etc.. about 15 minutes into our play there is a knock on the door..

..come in my girl shouts.. laid on her bed stark naked with 2 black vibrators in pussy and ass! The guy is back but this time he has brough his cousin (very dark muscular guy about 25) the web cam isnt on so all i can hear is what seemed like an hour but was about a minute of silence.. turn on cam i shout!

The cam image hits me like a brick, there is the guy I saw earlier sat at the puter and my girl is on her bed, the other guy a very big dark man about 25 with his pants around his ankles her sucking like mad on his cock, I must admit 60 seconds into this I shot my load, wasnt even touchign myself lol (i had been stoking the whole time we were on phone but still lol) I did however make sure i had the cam on record, something I pat myself on the back for everyday since lol.

..anyway, I watched her put on a condom on him and continue to suck him..the guy at the puter had picked up the phone and was talking to me as we both watched. The guy got her on the bed and mounted her started to fuck her missionary with her legs wrapped around him.. His freind kindly put the phone right next to the bed so i could hear every moan, that is until she got up to take it from behind and knocked the phone off the dresser and onto the floor (we still laugh about that part, accidentally a nice touch)

He fucked her hard from behind, but only for about 2 mins then he cums!

.. 4 mins 20 seconds and it was over.. he didnt even make her cum once! for a guy of his size the poor guy must have had the smallest black penis known to man:(

My girl fished the condom he had stuck in the trash and waved it on cam for me to see, which i also recorded. At the time when he dismounted he said he had cramp in his leg lol...

...5 minutes later they were both gone.. was surreal in a way.

Anyway that was her first black experience, warts and all..one which dissapointed but thankfully hasnt put her off trying again, and we have a 5 minute video to watch together, I call it volume one chapter one..
a still from our movie

i know a pic is worth a thousand words lol


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Love the story AND the pics.
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lets see the video

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