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My Husband gets so excited...hearing about my past...so

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Dec 4, 2004
I'm wondering how many others are married to a man who loves hearing stories about your past lovers?
My husband, loves for me to relate how I gave it up as a teenager, and then proceeded to have several lovers before meeting and eventually marrying him. We have been married 4 years. I am 31. My hub is 34.
:D i love hearing about the things my girlfriend has got upto, it's a real turn on having her tell me things while i'm fucking her!
love watching wife...

I also love my wife playing with other men...she is allowed to have her fun
I have watched her have her pussy ate, be fingerd silly, make out and have hands all over her...but when she had a black friend finger her and make her so wet and slutty hot she even told him he could fuck her.. she felt him and said he was about 9 I am 5...but someone intterupted them and it didnt happen....but if she want to i will support her all the way....she does perfer to play alone with her friends and cum home and tell me about it...I even watched her play with my brother on occasion
Loved It

I was married for 18 years and loved my wife doing exactly the same thing. When she realised how excited it made me she enjoyed it too. I lost her to Cancer in 97 and miss her still. She was hot. I hope you continue to enjoy it with your hub.
My wife had some black boyfriends in high school and college and stills love telling me how good they were.She saids that black men are by far the best kisser.
I will never forget my wife telling me about her past sexual experiance's for the first time, she told me about being a teenager and fucking two black men at a party, both were strangers they took her to another flat in the appartment block and even filmed part of it. She loves telling me about previous encounters while i eat her pussy
Did you have any BBC in your past?

Did you have any experience with black men...if so could you share. I beg partners to tell me of their past exploits...especially the hot ones...the ones they still think about when they masturbate...those are the ones I crave to know
I remember when my wife first told me about some guy she gave head to while we were dating. It was such a turn on to me to hear about some other guy shoving his cock in her mouth and cumming on her face. Of course I had to do the same right then and there! Too bad it wasn't a bbc...

She tells me sometimes during sex about some recent "cheating" experiences. I'm not sure if they are true or she knows it gets me excited hearing about them.
tell me your experiances with bbc 856-498-0367
My Wifes Stories

I love to hear my wife talk about how she was the small town slut when she was in high school. My favorites stories are her first threesome and her first gangbang. I usually press for her to tell, after we watch a porn movie and are having sex. Her first threesome, involved a ride out in the country with a couple of guys. They made her suck and fuck them for hours.

Her first gangbang was on a dare when she hanging out with guys. They thought she was full of shit when she suggested it. Then she ended up letting all of them have their way with her.

While she's let me dp her, using myself and big black dildo. She has told me that she has never done a real dp. However, I know that's bullshit because I overheard her on the phone talking to her sister and saying that if her Mother knew that she had let guys double penetrate when she was younger, her Mom would have a stroke.

Only God and bunch of guys know what she done, hopefully she'll keep sharing more stories in the future. After all the shit we've done and been through together, I don't know why she wont tell me about the dp?
Yes, I wonder what it is that turns us on about getting betrayed and humiliated.
I too would love to watch my wife with a BBC. she has had experinces before with BBC. When she was pregger with her first child (white father) she would fuck BBC bareback. I love the stories she tells about it.
Lots of husbands luv to her about their wives with other men ... especially those that usually don't.
What better way for wives to find out that their hubby likes sloppy seconds or is willing to eat another man's cum from her pussy.
He wants to hear what excites you. Maybe he doesn't know you liked having a big black stud fuck your tits until he covered them in with a big load of hot cum.

I love it when...

My girlfriend tells ma all about the guys she has been with. I especially love it when she talks about there size and how big they were. She has told me recently that she wants to try black and I have been all for it. I have placed a few ads for her and answered a few to help her find that certain one....anyday now.
You are so lucky biglee11! I envy you!
wow, it seems this is a very popular topic. Must be i'm not the only hubby that gets turned on talking to wife about her past!!!
Another secret unfolding

Last night the wife and I were playing a game called Dirty Secrets. Each card has two possible questions that a person has to answer. She pulled a card that asked:

Have you every performed a sexual act for money
- or -
Done a crazy dare for money.

She chose the crazy dare for money and said that she couldn't relate to it.
However, she didn't even mention the other question. When she put the card down, she acted kind of quiet and quickly lost interest in the game.
In a nutshell, she gave it away that shes had sex for money in the past.
I didn't ask her about the other question, I let it go. Maybe someday, I learn more about it. But knowing that my wife did some whoring at one time, is such a turn on. I swear I don't think there is anything that she hasn't done. I just haven't heard about it yet.

i want i want i want i want a wife with a slutty past

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