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Nov 27, 2004
Me and my husband were getting ready for bed when he noticed I was hotter than usual oh my pussy was just dripping thinking about all that cock that it was just throbbing at work thinking about how he loves cock so much I so love to tease him telling him about how I love tease other guys and tell him all about it in great detail I just love to tease a guys cock it drives my husband insane as he loves to hear about the way I tease and I tell him all the steamy details and I just love playing with my pussy in the ladies room I have these bullets that I let buzz against my swollen clit making it so sensitive and it gets so hot that my ass hole throb oh I just love that feeling and my pussy is just hungry for thick cock. I began to play back my work day and how wet my pussy was at work today as my panties were just soaked with my juices. my clit gets so swollen when I think of other guys oh I just have to rub it making it sensitive and red-my husband loves for me to talk dirty to him while we fuck we both love to talk about cock and he loves for me to tell him about all the guys that I tease at work and how I effect them and drive them insane oh I just tell him how I have these guys eating out my hand and dieing to get my attention and get close so they can peek up my short skirt or when I hang out with the girls and I tell him about a guy that might have been grinding his hard cock up against my wet pussy on the dance floor as I behave like a slut,"oh honey he had my pussy so wet as the head of his swollen cock was pressed against my hard throbbing clit oh it felt so good". Or I might let a young horney stud feel up my short skirt as my husband knows I don’t like to ware any panties which he just love knowing his wife is leaving the house baring her pussy for the whole world to see-OH and guys get so worked up when they find out I don't have any panties on and when my pussy gets excited my juices running down the crack of my ass they can smell my strong order making their noses flair open and driving them mad with lust making my pussy moist -and tell him how hot I was and how much I behaved and dressed like a slut so hot for strange cock hard and he just loves it. or I just stroke a strangers cock and let my husband lick his cum off my fingers oh he just goes mad with lust-there is just something about another guys cum that gets him so worked up he likes cum more then I do he just loves cock he goes on line to the swinger sites and looks at different cocks and gets so fucking worked up looking at all those huge heads just makes him so hot and when we get to share a cock we both just lose control- he loves it when I force him to go down on a guy I love forcing his face in a guys swinging balls and push is nose all in his nut sack and make him smell the guys balls I just love it when he licks his precum off my fingers and stockings I love to share a cock with my man I like it when we kiss with the head of another guy cock between both our lips and mouths “oh we both take the tip of our tongs and lick the slit of that head driving us both crazy as the guy starts to moan with delight” When I tell him about other guys he just loses control. He just wishes he can help me tease the head on his cock making his legs shake and the shaft of his cock so hard his cock would get so swollen and sensitive Oh I just describe their cocks so good to him so that he can picture the guys cock in his head -I often think of other guys cock when we fuck and it just makes him so hard in my pussy he just loves it when I call out another guys name-oh he just love it when I talk about a guy with a huge well defined head on his cock oh you should see his whole body shake and legs just tremble when I talk dirty to him about other guys-he likes white guys the most “you love white cock” I tease him while rubbing on the shaft of his swollen cock with my stocking clad toes this just drives him mad especially after I have worn my shoes all day he is just crazy about my smelly feetI told him about this one guy named harry at my job who I tease the shit out of his huge cock.Or we both take our tongs and lick his balls and we fight over those huge balls and who can suck the best then we move underneath that thick cock and we like to lick it lightly so that the cock starts to throb over us -oh my a thick cock just throbbing above us is such a turn on- then we both take our tongs and lick on that throbbing head I love to see him kiss the head while I squeeze the base of that cock oh just causing that cock to just throb and that head to just start bobbin all by its self making my hubbie just squirm in his seat He loves it when I ware black stockings with open-toe fuck me pumps it just drives him wild . I know that he has a big foot fetish cause he can't keep his eyes off of my legs and feet incased in my slutty stockings I sometimes brush up against his huge cock trying to get by him in the hall way and when I am at the copy machine I like to bend over so he can get a good view up my skirt and my wet dripping pussy as I can't wait to get home and tell my husband what a naughty little slut I was today oh he's going to be so excited when I tell him how hot I made harry and what a tent I made in his tight slacks and how wet Harry had me-my pussy was so fucking hot!!! knowing I was driving Harry crazy while my husband would be getting off on the fact that I am making another guy hard hard -I just act like its an accident and I just love it when he has to adjust his cock through his tight slacks and then he found out that I didn't have on any panties under that tight skirt I just sat in front of him so he could see up my skirt and I kept on inching it higher and higher up so he could get a look at my bare slick pussy-oh my husband just goes crazy when I tell him how big harrys cock is and how I can't help myself but to tease him and as I tell him about harry he just goes nuts and starts eating my pussy and saying how big of a slut I am for making another guys cock hard.
I tell him I want to suck harry off while he watches and after he cums I am going make lick the cum off my face-while we fuck I call out harry's name and my husband just goes fucking crazy thinking about harry and me and me teasing the hard cock of his-oh my husband is just cumming all over the place thinking about another guy getting excited-I say to him,"Oh I bet he fucks so good, I bet he has a lot of cum in that cock"and he just thinks about that cock swinging over his face while me and harry are fucking-my husband just loves guys with a huge head on his cock it just makes him week in the knees when he even thinks about it “Oh honey I just love that head on his cock” oh I want to us to tease the head of his cock and make it really swollen causing it to become red and ready to explode with a huge load -when we watch videos he tells me what kind of cocks really turn him on. how he just loves the head on this guys cock or,"honey he's got a huge pair of balls I love the way they hang down or I just love the way this guy fucks " oh sometimes we just watch videos for hours at a time with him going crazy looking at all those cocks get excited and cum oh it just makes him so hot to talk about a cock cumming I just love him being so excited about cock-he loves a guy with a over sized head on his cock and a nice thick shaft with the veins showing and a huge pair of balls that hang and dangle around and we just talk about cock all night long him getting so worked up and cumming all over the place making me cum so fucking hard-he likes the white guys with a thick cock and a well defined head on his cock with a pair of low hanging balls. while we fuck he tells me how he would like to help me make a guy cum and then we can kiss with all that cum on our tongs oh I get so hot thinking about all those cocks and making my husband get on his knees and service some of these huge cocks he likes the taste of cum more than I do he can't wait to meet harry he wants to help me milk harry's huge cock…
Please repost this with paragrahs to make it readable.

or copy it and paste it in notepad or microsoft word and add paragraphs yourself.
Try going back and re-reading some of the really GOOD xxxstories and take the time to check the style (content and form). Then give it another try. But remember, not everybody can write (well, good, bad or at all)...only way to know is keep trying!
If I were an english teacher I'd say thats one hell of a run on sentance. Try using paragraphs and punctuation. I would have probably read past the fifth line if I knew where the breaks were.

Just a suggestion.
WOW! What a story!I also love looking at cocks and sucking on them especially with women watching! The part where you talk about your smelly feet really hit home. I love smelly female feet! Would love to plant my nose between your toes and let my large cockhead throb for your husband!You could wiggle your toes on my face and cock and give him a show! Need to pay tribute to your story now!! Thanks

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