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my pic....

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New around here...
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Mar 20, 2004
just thought you might like to know what i look like :


i hope you like me guys!

Damn....what's there not to like? The face, the hair, the gorgeous legs. I guess the only thing "not to like", is the fact that you have too many clothes on.....lol.....of course the pic would have been better If I was sitting there instead of you, and you were sitting on my thick 8 inches....
mmmmmm i'd love to be sitting on your eight inches of ebony meat too.


Hello I'm in ohio. Where are you located?

Hope u can make it to the Caribbean and so we can plan something, u will surely make some great contrast, let me know if u r interested and we can start planning something, write me !
Warm regards,
MMMM looking damn find baby! Where can a thick 9 inch brotha find you???


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i'd not seen half of these replies before. thankyou for your kind words.

Please show this white (only 6 inches) guy some action of you being satisfied by a better man. If that is what you want. Please tease me with your hot body and how you cum.

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