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my second post

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Feb 27, 2004
Here is my second post for your great website. Since my last post, I have since switched jobs. I now at the recommendation of my friend Leroy have become a waitress in the very same bar I first took him to in my cab. I am making tons of money and am meeting even more black men. In fact I am cheating on my husband every night I work. Leroy makes sure I don’t have to do any closing duties so I leave when the bar closes but I tell my husband I have to stay and clean up. This gives me between an hour and an hour and a half to screw around. In fact just the other night Leroy had a party at his place. I told my husband I was going to have a few drinks after work with the girls. Leroy had a bunch of his black friends there and it was only me and another white girl from the bar there. He insisted on us wearing our bar uniforms which are really short shorts and tight tank tops. I took off my tennis shoes I usually wear at work for comfort and put on some high heels. Leroy really approved. He immediately took me to his bedroom and fucked the shit out of me. I mean that literally as he did me anally pretty hard. After he got done with me, he said he had a special request for me. He said all of his friends had paid him a fee to attend the party and he wanted me to put out to any of them who wanted me. I agreed because I think I’m falling in love with Leroy and I really wanted him to be pleased with me. That night I got fucked by 5 guys and gave another 3 head. The other girl from the bar got fucked by 8 guys. Leroy seemed pleased at our performance that night and gave us each a hundred dollars which was really great as my tips for the night weren’t all that great. I will try to post more storied soon.
You are doing fine sugar. You keep letting us know what happens.
whenes the next party

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