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My Sexy Wife

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I think she is ready to try Black. We are in SE Texas. (Beaumont, Port Arthur & Orange area)
One more pic of her

Please let us know if you like.


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Thats some good looking white ass, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a black man (men :) ) to give it some attention. You say that you think she's ready...how did she get to that point?
Thanks for your comments. I've been showing her some Lexington Steele Videos and just interracial in general. She really gets wet. I know if I put her in the situation she will perform. Can't wait for the situation to arise.
Hi, She looks like she is a real pretty looking lady

Hi, real nice picture, what size are those fine looking titties? tell us more about the fine looking lady. I am hoping to visit east texas b4 the end of the year Dean
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