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my wife goes wild

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Sep 6, 2005
this all happened about 2 months ago.for awhile wed been talking about my wife fincing a blk lover for sex(mostly in bed while we were going at it)!!
That's a hot story. Would love to hear more.
sounds nice

Nice story line keep it coming
Would like to hear the details of what happened, also any more discussions you've had with her and any suspicions confirmed about her sneaking off. Hot reading for sure.
hey man, i really enjoyed your story... the big questions for me are: did you ever get sloppy seconds off of your sexy wife? did she ever confess to doing more than you thought she did? sneaking off with him when you didn't know or getting with one of his friends?

i loved the pictures. she is a very sexy woman... did she dress up to go out on her dates? was she ever seen in public with her lover?

sexy story. i hope she does more and i hope you post it... :twisted:
Yes more pics please
Your wife is lovely post more pics of her and keep us updated on her new black "friend" and their encounters
a good wife

like your story, and your woman is very sexy, very pretty. Hope you post more pix.
everyone has there own kink.....too bad u wern't there to see all....Thats ours...I get to fuck big black dick and my husband watches....we talk about it afterwards,like what positions to try next time, what made us the hottest,etc...we never play alone,always together,,,,,if they don't want him there then they are the one missing out on a fun time....maybe next time u will be allowed to watch
was he blk? anyway. can you upload her pics on yahoo photo albums or sumthing? looking fwd to banging her.
so she was the one that begged for him to cum in her pussy? thats great...sounds like we can add your wife to the growing list of married white women discovering the superiority of black dick, whether their husbands like it or not!

I want her to cum home with her pussy full of black seed.. I want her to tell you and I about it. How she fucked the BBC and how much he came in her. I want her to get us hard. Spread her pussy to show us all the cum then we clean her out and add some more into her.
very very hot. Your a lucky man.
good story so far i wonder if there is more to all of this
So is she pregnant yet, what will you do when that happens. Since you have encouraged your wife to have this affair I hope you intend to support her both emotionaly and financialy when she gets pregnant. On another note you seem to be the same size as my hubby has your wife told you about her black lovers size, if so do you feel insecure. Steve claims that it dosen't bother him, but i know it does. I'd like some insite into the male mind
securely is in the mind so is your self awareness of your sexuality. men are very competitive and try to out do each other in every endeavor. Some men are never secure in themselves no matter if their penis is dragging the floor
I think your wife looks great. Enjoyed the pics and would love to see some with black cocks. I love to see wives who look like they just finished singing in the church choir, or teaching school, or being an everyday mom but in reality are sluts for black cock. Yes, by all means keep us posted. And Thanks
more pics plz..

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