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Need a little help here

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Apr 18, 2005
Doesn't my girl look like these girls sucking THESE BLACK COCKS. I want to see my girl get blacked so bad that i look for girls that look like her doing it.
Heres some more


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want her to have it,bad!

I do exactly the same thing!!if i ever work out how to post pics here,will post some that look like my woman too.She is lovely,will she do you think?
Adore your wife.... give her BBC!

Hi guys,

It seems that you aren't to creative in seducing your wife and to give her the joys of BBC. Use your brains and arrange something she can't refuse...

Want some help?
ah,if only...

hi tjeemp....tried that once with an acquaintance who is a stripper....9.5 inches and thick.But,she backed out as he was 10 mins away from the house!She is a nervous lady!
she looks like this

and this is how i would like to see her....she is a little more meaty,big lovely ass and huge tits!!


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Nervosity is a postive sign... It demonstrates that she is seriously thinking of making the big step.... she only doesn't want to be pushed!
You job is to create natural circumstances here she doesn't expect to happen it!
Try to arrange something with a couple of friends. Incidently meet and make your wife feel comfortable... A nice chat with nice boys.... Let fate take its cause.... If she likes the guy a promise you and especially her a wonderful night...
this picture drives me crazy she looks just like my girl dont you think so

just post a picture of what your girl looks like so can let you know if she needs the chocolate fix..

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