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need bbc in Sacramento, Cali.

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New around here...
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Oct 24, 2005
asian female in sacramento, Cali. looking for for handsome and well hung blk male in this area.
here's a pix to tease u.


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Hey sweetie Im a 23 white male and I live here in san fran. and i could hook u up with a lot of black guys. I love asian women into black guys. Give me a way to get a hold of u somehow, I would love to help you out.
still lookin... i've been with all shades of the rainbow and find that blks just know how to please me better. lemme know if you're in or around sacramento and would like to take me out. valentine's coming up!
here's another pix...


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hey girl are you you japanese or what?? you look good anyhow.
Hey girl you are very nice looking from what I can see why dont you show us a liitle more?
i'm not chinese nor japanese, but love to get on my knees. for all those that keep sending me private messages, please include a face and cock pix. if you're hot and hung, i'd like to go for a ride.
How Is It U Requesting Face And Cock Pic

Just X-actly What Are You Showing Us

I Think This Ones

that's the beauty of being a woman. i get to pick and choose who i fuck under my OWN guidelines.
kisses :)
Will You Just Get Naked And Stop Talking It A Sex Site For Crying Out Loud
Sacramento Couple here!

We are a MWC and we are relatively new to the Sacramento area. We are looking for a regular black partner for her. We are neat, clean, discreet and professional and we are looking for a talented man with the same characteristics.
For more information, please contact
Please send a picture, interests and a way to contact.

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