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need blackmen to fuck my wifes mouth while i vid in michigan

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Oct 13, 2005
hello looking for blackmen who like to have a preety blond suck their cock while i vid and take pics. i am looking for someone who can realy work her mouth with his dick and cum all over her face and titties please send a nude pic and i will send some of kim she is very good looking ;blond hair blue eyes 115lbs b cup with pink nipples .
Livonia!?! Nice!! I grew up at Grand River and Telegraph! I know Livonia well. I now live in Southern California, but I love to hear people from the old stompin' grounds gettin' nasty.

Please post some pics so we can see what your lovely lady looks like. My wife is a Southern CA girl, but she's the first one in almost 15 years of living here that reminds me of the girls I grew up with in Detroit: smart, tough but sweet, sarcastically funny, sexy, and always up for a good time! You make me nostalgic for home!

Go Livonia!! I hope you find everything you're looking for on this site.
Ypsilanti man here

hello I don't have any pics of me that I can send u ( not yet neway) but I have a 9" cock that I would love to stick down your girls throat. I wouldn't mind havin sex with her as well, but that is up to you guess I guess. drop me a line to my email and lets see what happens. I will do my best to get ya'll some pics though
Hi Professional black male who lives in Farmington. Would love to help your wife out. 8 inches for her. Have pic if interested.

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