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new couple

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new couple to the site and to the lifestyle, mid 30s married. we are seeking clean, sincere, fun loving black males as well as other married white couples curious about this lifestyle, please email us at photocpl@blackplanet.com and tell us a little more info about u and we will do the same. this is new for us but something we are both eager to get started with.........we think :)
here is a pic to give u an idea of the wife



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I would be interested in some fun times together. Lets talk sometime. IM me if you wish to talk
That ass looks good to me, very nice. Where are you?
A willing ass is always a nice ass.
No fun can happen if an ass is not willing to play with a lusty bull.
You look like you have a great body , :) Good luck in your search for the future.

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