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Norcalcpl42-first post-5some story

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Nov 26, 2005
A couple of years ago or my wife’s birthday I had the great idea of taking her to the Miss Nude America pageant being held at the Edgewater West in Oakland. Since we had started swinging we had read stories about the Edgewater and it’s reputation as a swingers hotel, they had just reopened after a long closure for remodeling and it sounded like a lot of fun place to play and the pageant was just a bonus. I was working that week in Monterey and drove up Friday night and met the wife in Sacramento where we spent the night. The next morning we got up and headed over to Oakland do some shopping along the way finally arriving at the Edgewater at about 4 pm.

Upon arrival, we noticed that the hotel was nom longer known as the Edgewater but now was the “Ibiza”. We went to the front desk and were told our room was not quite ready and were asked to return in an hour. We went and got some dinner and returned about 6 o’clock. We went up to our room and it was the most god awful thing we had ever seen, wall painter purple and red, TV didn’t work, wires sticking out of the wall where lights should be. Needless to say for a $149 a night this was not going to do. We returned to the desk, demanded our money back and went across the street to the Hilton and checked into a very nice room for only $98. Still wanting to take in the pageant we waited until about 10 o’clock and headed over to the Ibiza for the nights festivities. The crowd was mixed, some couples, some girls, some guys, some young, and some old. We mingled and talked with a few people, had a few drinks and watched as the contestants did various naked things on stage as part of the competition. At the conclusion of the event we decided to check out the inner courtyard, as we had read that people will have sex and sometimes open the curtains so you can watch or open the door if you are welcome to join in. Things were kind of slow as no doubt many couples had bailed to the Hilton as well, but we ran into a couple we had said hello to earlier in the evening. They were sitting in chairs on the patio of their room talking with a young black man and we said hello and joined the conversation. The young man complimented my wife on what she was wearing, a short black dress, stockings and heels and as she thanked him she mentioned that she had brought a much sexier outfit to wear but had left it at the Hilton as we decided not to stay at the Ibiza. This of course peaked the interest of all assembled and after a little encouragement she decided to go across the street and retrieve the white see through lingerie she had brought for the occasion. She returned moments later with the garment in her purse but said she wasn’t planning on changing in the courtyard. The couple then invited us into their room so she could change and invited the young man to join the 4 of us as well. We entered their room through the sliding glass door off the patio and as we made small talk my wife went off to the bath room to change. After about 5 minutes I decided to check on her and when I peaked around the corner into the bathroom I saw that. Just ahead of me the young man had slipped in to check as well. She had managed to get the nightie on and was adjusting in the mirror, he walked up behind her complimenting her on the way she looked while he slid his hands around her and cupped her breast pulling her back against him. She just smiled wiggled her ass a little against him and said thank you and then headed out into the main room.
Once in the main room she climbed up on the king bed net to the other woman and they began to play with each others greats, kissing and caressing. Soon the other lady’s husband moved his way up between my wife’s legs and slid a hand up her thighs until he reached he matching panties and slid them off with no resistance. He then spread her legs and dived in licking and sucking her pussy much to her enjoyment. The young black man then moved over to this guys wife and pulled out his cock which she quickly took in her hand and began to suck. I moved up near my wife and played with her nipples while her hand wandered down and began to stroke my hard cock. After only a few minutes my wife let out a moan as she came from the licking she had been getting and she reached down and pushed the mans head away as her clit was know to sensitive for further attention. Getting up from his position between her legs he slid up and laid back against the headboard next to her. She released my cock and moved down between his legs and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck it, I moved to the side of her and played with her tits while she gave him head positioned on all fours between his legs with her ass in the air. As she was doing this the young black man who was still being sucked by the other guys wife slid his left hand over and began to rub my wife’s ass, it wiggled and pressed against his hand and he took the clue to stick a finger deep inside her. She sucked even harder as she humped his finger, her pussy now dripping from the previous head and now the manual stimulation. At this point, still playing with her tits and taking in the erotic scene, I saw the young guy reach down to the floor and pull a condom from his pants. Taking his finger out of the wife momentarily he opened the package and while moving behind my wife slipped it onto his cock. He moved up between her legs, grabbing her hips and pressed the head of his hard cock into the opening of her vagina as she moaned as best she could with her mouth full and pressed back against him so that his member plunged deep inside her. They developed a rhythm as he fucked her, never letting loose of her mouth hold on the other man’s dick, sucking and licking with more and more enthusiasm as she was pounded doggie style. This I notice d left the other man’s wife unattended so I reached into my own pants and took out a condom and moved around to her where she was waiting with her legs spread to welcome me. I entered her easily, her pussy sopping wet from the erotic surroundings. Fucking her and watching my wife taking it on both ends it did not take long for me to cum, finally giving in as the young black guy let out a moan as he plunged deep into my wife obviously releasing his load. We both pulled out and removed our now full condoms. I moved around to caress my wife some more as the other lady pulled the young guy close and started to suck him back to hardness again. The lady’s husband then asked her to hand him a condom which he then handed to my wife. Taking the clue she unwrapped it and slid it down his wet shaft and crawled up on top of him riding his cock for all it was worth. I stood on the bed next to her and she grabbed by half soft cock and began to stroke it back to its erect state. She slid up and down on his cock while he watched his wife being fucked by the the other guy until soon he grabbed her hips, arched his back and came hard. As she slid off his cock I positioned her on the bed on her hands and knees and took my turn, entering her from behind fucking her hard doggie style until I came again and we both collapsed on the bed exhausted.
Being all hot and sweaty and filled with my cum, my wife then opened the sliding glass door and exited the room bare ass naked and jumped in the pool, I of course followed. We spent just a couple minutes in the pool then returned to the room, chatted a bit dressed and then said our good-byes. Was quite a memorable birthday!


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Where are you located?
I am in sacramento...when will she be back this way?
I would love to work her out! She is very sexy...
Love seeing your wife's pics. She looks like she loves to get a thick long cock. Has your wife had a BBC? Would love to see what she looks like with a 10 inch wife pleaser
Hot story

I loved it. Well told - just enough details for reader to develop erotic images. Made my cock get hard.

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