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Ohio riots

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Oct 2, 2005
I am confused, why is it that 1,000,000. black men can assemble with no resistance from the white community, but when white men try and assemble they are accused of racism and then attacked by black gang memebers?
Ohil Riots

Who said they were gang members and where did the number 1000000 come from. You use the word gang member but fail to state the people who were marching ( by thier own admision ) preach hatred. You must be a member of group.
henry in your haste to find fault in my post you failed to read and decypher what I wrote.

First off the figure I quoted was directly off the NBC news broadcast from yestereday 16 Oct 2005 of the African Amercian men that assembled in Washing D.C.

In referance to the term I used gang members, again direct quote used by the same news program.

Now I am still wondering why it is that black men can assemble in mass with no resistance from anyone, however when a group of men that are pink skinned (white) assemble they are labeled racist and attacked by black gang memebers?
This is not meant to take sides with either of you, but just because the news called em gang members doesn't necessarily mean they were. The news also called black victims of hurricane Katrina looters when they were taking things like bread and water from stores. Then in the same broadcast referred to the whites who were doing the same thing as "finding food" . Now if your referring to the million man march in DC, when numerous positive males like fathers and brothers and leaders of their community gathered to show unity in the midst of continuous black on black violence, and comparing that to a KKK rally than JoanneG you are the model media citizen. Able to be influenced by anything seen on TV and believe it whole heartedly because it was reported on the six o' clock news. I live in Ohio and lets call it what it was...a group of hate mongers pushing their brand of ignorance on to anyone who would listen. I myself would have ignored them and let them shout white power till they were hoarse to an deaf crowd instead of going and starting a riot. You can not compare a Klan rally to the Million Man March bottom line!!! By the way the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word gang as: A group of persons working or associated together. So ther was more than one gang there on that paticular day. Just thought I'd add my two cents.
I agree with Mr. Washington....You are a fool if you listen to everything on the news...I myself could give two cent on whether the clan or as you say "a group of white men" get together...but it was clearly the kkk clan...you cant compare the million man march to this in anyway. BTW there were white men marching in the million man march as well.

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