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Older black males and young white ladies...

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It's funny I found this board, as I was just thinking...

My wife and I have each had two marriages prior to meeting up. We are pretty uninhibited by sexual taboos and the like. We have both had a share of experiences both together and apart. Niether one of us is into the more extreme IR stuff like cuck, degrading, preg, etc. ( no offence to those who are, to each their own ).

I'll make my story shot. When I was 25 and my wife 20, we had a few threesomes and a swap. Our next adventure was that I would get to pick a guy for her ( she already set me up a month earlier with a couple of her friends ). We worked at the place with about 220 other folks. As I worked in a filthy part of our plant, I took showers every evening with the other guys. One of the guys we worked with was named James, an early 50's black guy. I knew he was hung like a horse from the showers, and I used to get horny thinking of my girl riding that beast.

Needless to say, I caught him in the parking lot and told him what I had in mind. He was married, but we worked together for a long time and knew I was cool. I set it up for the following Saturday. I told him she didn't know who was coming over, but I would be out of sight.I wanted him to show her a good time, and that she was cool with it too. She didn't know that he knew I would be there. ( Have I confused you yet? )

I told her that James would be coming over to change the oil in her car and that I would be " gone ". I parked my Jeep down the road and walked back home that day. She was nervous about being with a black guy, much less James. Keep in mind:

She is 5'3 , 98 lbs , and white as a cloud. Size B boobies and a constantly shaved pussy. You could bounce a quarter off this girl she was so tight.

James was 6'4 250/270 lbs, grey flat-top, and as black as this Dell keyboard I'm typing on. His dick was probably 10+ inches, and as big around as my wrist, and slightly curved. Un-cut also.

We had a folding door closet at the foot of the bed where I had a good view. I asked her to wear a pair of jean cut-offs and a sleeveless shirt. I was addamant that she wore pink lipstick and a pair of pink thongs.

We did a few shots of vodka, and I told her to seduce him and work their way into the bedroom. I told her to forget I was there and go with the moment. She was nervous, but excited I could tell. When she asked how to initiate all this, I told her to show him her peach tatto on her asscheek when he came in to b.s. after the oil change.

When he came over, I went to my spot and tried to listen when he came in. There was lot's of small talk and then I heard them laughing. A minute later I could smell reefer through the house. James was really loosening her up, as she already had a vodka buzz. It got quiet for awhile and then they both came into the bedroom. My wifes lipstick was smudged and her cheeks were flushed. She sat on the side of the bed and smiled at him. She reached and grabbed his waistband and pulled him closer. She un-buttoned his jeans and yanked down pants and all being playful.

The look on her face when the biggest, blackest, un-cut dick she had ever seen popped out was something I'll/she'll never forget. While she was staring at it, James was getting harder by the second. She grabbed it with both hands and softly started stroking it. When a drop of precum oozed out, she licked it off and put as much into mouth as possible.

After an awkward bj, she told him to lay down. She took off her clothes, all except her socks, and 69'ed him. Watching my small wife working on that black, old cock was about to make me lose it. Her two small hands pulling back the foreskin and working the head of his big dick was hypnotic.

The best part for me was when he lifted her up and turned her around for a ride. She was easing that dick in as much as she could. After about half way, James put his big hands on her small ass and started to rough fuck her abit. i thought she was hurting and started to break it up when he grabbed her short hair from the back, pulled her head down ,and started tounging her throat. Thick globs of cum started flowwing down his pole, and she started meeting the thrusts. After a few minutes of this, James let out a yell and furiously pumped my wifes ass on his dick. My wife let out her familiar orgasm cry a second later. After a few after shocks, James pulled out and lay there breathing hard. My wifes pussy was red and stretched, oozing the sex right back onto James.

After a rest, she eased down and cleaned up the sex, being sure to give me a wink. When she finished, she went and got a warm towel and clened him up. They kissed a little and then he left. We had some hot sex for a few days after because of the excitement and have had a few frieds over the years. But, I will always remeber that as the hottest shit i have ever seen.

Why is there no older black, younger white porn out ther?

I can't be the only one...
Very nice. My girlfrined picked up an older guy two nights ago at a party. They made lots of noise into the night. The sheets where wet in the morning. He has been invited back. She said his cock just cums over and over. Hardly ever goes soft. Her pussy looked like a road crew drove through. He even kissed and felt her up in front of me before he left. :D
Thanks for the feedback. After I wrote this, I realized that it should have went to the stories. It was a bit long.
Wow! That is so hot! I would love to see some pics of older mature black men with some young white pussy.
Hey I see someone got bumped up a rank. How's life in the penthouse, Will? LOL

How'd ya manage that? ;)
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