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open invitation.

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Nov 17, 2005
As this forum grows(as it obviously is)along with the number of people signing up to this community,i would be honored to help out in administrative activities. If you need a Mod for one of the forums,just let me know. I will be more than willling to help. Thanks.

Also. If someone can give me a short history of this forum,it would be greatly appriciated. How long has this forum been in operation? Do you have plans of expanding the forum?
Just wanted to add,that,if given the oppurtunity to mod/undertake administrative duties,i can generate some funds to this forum and enlist it in Bigboards.com. It's a ranking system for popular forums. The latter,will obviously generate some publicity.

Im sure some of the members of this forum,would be willing to donate some money to these forums. More money=more bandwidth. This is a great outlet for open IR discussion and an ideal place for such people to meet and communicate. I believe,if given the oppurtunity,we can expand the forum. Adding more subject disscusion sub forums. As it stands,there really is no other forum that dedicates it's very exsistance to IR material such as Darkcavern. If there is,im sure it's not as popular.

So. Consider my proposition. Would be nice to give a helping hand. I feel passionate about this board,because im passionate about White women and IR talk.
I appreciate the offer. Right now we're still in the process of getting the board into the kind of shape I think it needs to be in to handle the number of posters it has, fixing smilies, layout etc and so on.

Once we have it up to the standard we want, we'll be concentrating on spreading the word even further than it's already gotten. I'll check into this bigboards thing.

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