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Our interracial experiences

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Dec 21, 2004
I am reposting my stories here from another forum that seems dead. I will try to put these in chronological order. it is a long read this way but it chronicles our first year experiences.

Friday, 23 January 2004
I have persuaded my wife into trying an interracial threesome! A few months ago we were watching a porn and I was doing her doggy style when an interracial threesome scene came up. half way through watching a well hung black guy fuck a white woman from behind while she sucked a white guy off my wife whispered "lets try that" so I whispered back "I already know a black stud that wants to fuck you." (my fantasy for quite some time) She let out a moan and started pumpin my cock never looking away from the interracial sex scene. She later asked if I was serious and I said yes and she said, "well, invite him over sometime" and left it at that.... Since then I purchased a 4 hour interracial sex tape and she puts it in everytime we have sex! So the problem is I don't really know anyone. so here is my request. I know my wife will submit to a threesome with one black guy and myself but I also think she will eventually graduate to interracial groupsex. She's very interested in watching the interracial gangbang scenes when they come up in the tape so I want to work her up to 2 or 3 black men having their way with her. I know she is fantasizing about it! If you can prove you are disease free we will have you meet us at a motel in our town. She is a cute brunette with big natural tits and a great ass! A little plump but not obese. Five foot 6 inches. She is 37 and loves to suck cock and swallows! Enjoys a facial from time to time. She especially likes it on all fours (but no anal!) Bareback is desired. She cums easily and likes it slow and easy for a while then fast and hard and likes to be spanked but not too hard. She gets off on hearing that she is a slut and likes to be called a bitch when she is being fucked hard. Really into being talked nasty to! She would probably cum immediatley if a black guy told her she was a white slut and wants her as his fuck bitch all the time while you were fucking her! She likes lots of sperm so a plus if you are a heavy cummer. I would like to see at least a 9 inch cock in her! we are straight. Send your pics and size and she will pick who she desires and we will send a pic of us and contact for an arrangement to meet in Columbia, SC

Tuesday, 20 April 2004
Oh wow... we finally did it! It took a while but it was worth the wait! A few emails came in but I wasn't sure how serious they were but I replied to one that seemed legit. He claimed to be 9.5 inches and was coming to town for a few days for business. We exchanged some pics and info and my wife seemed to find it funny. That made me nervous since I thought she was going to change her mind or chicken out. I told her we would meet him at a restaraunt for dinner and get to know him and if she was interested we would go to his hotel. She said "sure sounds great" and that was it. The night came and we went out for drinks and met "him" (gotta keep him anonymous) and we had a fun dinner although it was a bit awkward and nerving. We talked and got to be more relaxed with him. He excused himself and went back to his room as we had coordinated on the phone... next step was ours. I asked my wife what she thought and would she like to meet him in his room. She said he was really handsome and had a good personality and sense of humor and said something to the effect of "how about a few more drinks and we get stoned and I'll do anything you want me to." By this time my heart was pounding in my chest and I was really nervous but excited. We had our drinks and we went to the car and as we drove to the hotel I fired up a joint and we got stoned. "Are you ready?" I asked... she returned with "are you sure you want me to do this?" "Yes, I want to see you being taken by a well hung black stud" "I want to be taken by a well hung black stud!" So quickly before she changes her mind I knocked on his door and he opened it up wearing a t-shirt and boxers. He welcomed us in and offered us a joint of his own. We accepted. I wanted to get right to it so I started kissing my wife and slowly feeling her up. I laid her back onto the bed and started to take her clothes off. I looked over at our friend and gave him a nod that is was a go and he eased himself onto the bed and felt her breasts. She started to breathe heavy and looked him right in the eyes and I went down on her. He sucked on her large breasts and she started to moan. Man I was ready to jizz in my pants when he got on his knees and knelt by her head... his bulge was huge and she ran her hand over his boxers and she reached in and pulled out his huge black cock ... at first she looked at it and stroked it. He claimed to be 9 inches but it looked more like 10 or 11 to me! He was uncircumsized so that made it seem even larger. It was thick and the head was huge... I kept licking her cunt and she pulled him to her mouth and opened wide. She started sucking on his penis like a porn star. I took off my clothes and decided to bury my cock into her before he stretched her out but after a few strokes I was ready to cum so I pulled out and decided to sit down and take in the spectacle. He rolled her over and she got onto her knees and quickly arched her back and spread her knees wide apart offering herself to her first black stud. He mounted her and slowly filled her pussy with his black cock. She squeeled and screamed as he thrusted faster and faster. Just watching my wife being taken by a huge black man was overwhelming. I could hear the pounding of my chest and my ears seemed like they were on fire and plugged up. At times I wasn't sure if this was really happening since we had quite a few drinks and were good and stoned. He fucked her for what seemed like an eternity. He pounded her missionary style for a while then ****** her to suck his cock then he would mount her again. She looked at me a few times and would say things like "oh, he feels so good in me" and "I want his black cock in my all the time" I only watched as she got fucked by him for what seemed like hours. She screamed and convulsed a few times which at the time I was too stoned to realize she was having orgasms. Thinking back he must have made her cum 4 or 5 times the first half hour! Now what was coming next was going to be a big surprise for her... the arrangement was he would pull out and cum on her or in her mouth the first time but I had already let him know that my interest was in knowing that he was blowing his load deep into my wife. I wanted her to be fully black bred. I wanted her to experience his massive cock unloading jizz deep into her because I wasn't sure if we would ever do this again. He would spank her while he pumped her from behind and said "I'm going to come into you now" My wife pleaded for him to come on her ass... "oooh, cum on my ass... I want to feel you cummin on me!" ... " fuck that you white bitch I'm cumming in your pussy and showing you what its like to get inseminated by a black man. your husband wants me to cum in you and ou are my little white bitch now!" I thought perfect! she loves being called bitch and he remembered my instructions of verbally abusing her once he was ready to cum. She started to scream and I knew it sounded like an orgasm coming to me so I jumped up onto the bed and grabbed her by the hair and shoved my cock into her mouth. She sucked on me and looked me right in the eyes with anticipation... I watched our black stud hump her ass deep and hard. I could see on his face he was going to come and he started to let out a loud grunt. I was already cumming in my wife's mouth and was grunting in relief, he drove his balls deep into my wife's pussy. He and she probably came at the same time as they both let out a big relief yell at the same time... he thrusted deeply four or five times pumping his load into her. He finally stopped and held her hips and caught his breathe. He was still in her. My wife had my sperm on her lips and cheek. I don't remember if she swallowed any but she must have. She put her head down as he dismounted. I couldn't believe the size of his cock at that point! I was amazed he got that thing all the way in her. They both collapsed on the bed. I got up and took in the view from a few feet away. There she was. lying in bed with a black guy and she had a very swelled up and red pussy dripping with sperm. He had indeed cum in her. A few minutes later she finally got out of bed and slowly walked to the restroom. I heard the shower turn on so I went in. "how was it?" I asked... " Incredible" she said..."I can't believe you let him cum in me!" I thought she was upset but then she said "Will he still be around tonight?" I said yes and she said drinks on us this time" Holly crap! She wants to do it again! I told him to call so we could arrange another meeting. As we drove home she remained quiet. we got in about 4am and once we got in she asked if he can meet with us again tomorrow night? I told her he was in town for a few days and she could see him as much as she wanted. She fell asleep. Needless to say we met up with him againt he following night and she was loose and comfortable and she fucked and sucked him like a pornstar! That night he unloaded in her mouth as I came in her and he was quite the cummer! it ran down her chin and onto her tits but she says she still swallowed quite a bit but couldn't keep up with his ejaculations! Sadly he left town and won't be back for 5 or 6 weeks but we are thinking of having him bring a friend so I can watch her get taken by two black studs. She says she is definatley open to that if I am... and after that first experience I am ready to watch her fuck 8 men! My fantasy became a reality and it is really exciting to finally see my wife get a black cock buried in her pussy. This will be a regular event for us as our friend will come into town once every two months to satisfy our fantasies!

Wednesday, 26 May 2004
Hot damn! Our new found friend returned a little earlier than we anticipated... he called us a few days ago and said he could come to town if we were up to it.. I spoke up for my wife as she was at work and I said yes! He said he had an extra suprise if we were willing and remembered we were interested in having him bring a friend of his... holy shit! I asked himt o tell me about him so I could relay this to my wife... he was a little younger and a lot like him in many ways and hung.... well, that was good for me so I told him it was a go and we would meet him once he got into town. My wife was surprised and excited. Ever since our first weekend with her first black stud she was constantly asking me if I was alright with it and if we could arrange another meeting... we would watch our interracial porn as we fucked and she was turning into a monster.. I created a monster! She was a serious slut for black cock now and would tell me she wanted to suck on a black cock while I was fucking her. I would fuck her fast and hard and come immediatley. Well, the weekend came and I decided to keep our second stud a secret for now... I could hardlly think straight in knowing that soon I was going to get my second fantasy within a month.. I was going to watch my wife being taken by two black guys. I couldn't wait to see them have their way with her. We met up with our friend at our original bar and I decided it was best then to see how she felt about a new guy joining in so during our chatter I had our friend mention that to her. He said something to the effect of "If you are in the mood later a friend of mine came along and would love to join in" My chest was pounding... my wife gave a little interrested :"hmmmm!" and asked "is he nice?" He responded .. "he is my best friend and we are very similar even in build" my wife looked to me and I could only say.. "sounds like a good time" She said "okay, have him come by later after we get there and get settled in" On the way over she asked if I was cool with her being taken by two black guys and I told her it was my idea. She called me a horny pervert and that she never thought in her life she would be doing something like this. I asked if she was alright with it and she said "hey you started it... its too late now! I've had a black cock in me and you gave me permission to get slutty so now I want to have wild sex with you however you want it!" I told her it was my fantasy to watch her get fucked by well endowed black guys and she said she fantasized about it too even before we met and liked that we were bringing it out into the open and having fun with it. She said if I ever wanted another woman to join us that she would like me to have that kind of threesome in return.... WOW! I said well, we will just have to see about that one day then....." Well, we got to his room after getting pretty plastered and it didn't take long for my wife to drop to her knees and pull out our friends cock and start sucking. Once again I was stunned and envious on how big it was...I sat down and watched. After a few minutes he stripped her of her clothes but left her black thong panties and black bra on. he went down on her for a while. she then got up and pushed him to the bad and went down on him while on her knees. I so wanted to mount her and fuck her and was just about to when there was a light tap at the door. I barely heard it since we had some music going and I was a bit stoned. I realized this might be our other stud so I went to the door and looked thru the peep hole. Sure enough it was so I let him in. At this point I was about to bust... my wife was about to be taken by another black guy! we shook hands and he pulled out a bottle of something... I can't remember... I was already out of it.... handed it to me and then walked over to the bed and started taking off his clothes. I dont think my wife realized he was here. He was not only hung but majorly well built. He was taller than our other friend... He looked to be about 6 foot 8 with muscles all over. He looked to be only about 24 or 25 and our other friend is 34 and about 6 foot. He got on the bed and grabbed my wifes hips.. she let out a little surprise hmmph! and turned to look... she then continued to go down on our friend. She repositioned herself with her knees a little wider and arched her back so as to raise her ass and ****** her pussy to her second partner. he pulled her black g string asside and put the head of his cock on her pussy and slid right in and started slowly pumpin my wife.. she went nuts!!!!! she started squeeling and yellingout OH OH OHHH Yeah! yes, yes fuck me .. fuck me with your big black cock.. it feels so good... her head was ****** back down onto that thick black cock to continue sucking but her muffled screams were intense.... there she was on the bed being taken from behind by a very athletic and well hung black guy and she sucked a black cock.. I avoided jerking off for fear of ejactulating immediatly. he unsnapped her black bra as he humped her and released her tits.. they dangled and swung from side to side as he pumped her pussy....They changed positions and my wife got to see her new black lovers face for the first time. she looked at him and then looked at me and he grabbed her by the face and started kissing her and shoving his tongue into her mouth. The fucking was going on all night but in the end she was in missionary position and our new stud was on his knees kneeling over her face and she sucked him off while being fucked by the other guy.. the new guy unloaded first...she got her mouth pumped full of jizz and i could see it running down the side of her face ... she orgasmed while he ejaculated in her mouth and then our other friend pumped her full of his jizz. I was a bit jealous seeing her being fed 10 inch cocks with the thickness of her wrists! I watched as two black studs inseminated my wife. They pumped sperm into her mouth and into her pussy. they dismounted and sat down and started drinking. My wife layed there with sperm running down her cheek and into her hair and it was oozing out of her pussy. she masterbated with his sperm then smeared it onto her nipples.... I climbed onto the bed and jerked off onto her tits mixing my sperm with his. They applauded me! We had a bit of a conversation about her the rest of the night. They then went to his best friends room and left us in his room. the next day my wife woke up to tell me that was the kinkiest and most intense sex she ever had and wanted to be able to do both of them again before they left town. Naturally I said yes and that night we did the same but this time I fucked her good too. Our new stud pumped his jizz into her from behind as she sucked the cum out of the other guys cock and she swallowed it all.... Looks like she is going to be getting two black cocks on just about every visit now .... but once every month or two is going to be too long a wait. Our new friend gave me his number and said he could drive to town more frequently if we wanted and just to give him 3 or 4 days notice. I told him we might consider having them start coming over to the house. Now I am getting excited about seeing a couple of black guys doing my wife in our own bedroom! I mentioned this to her and the first thing she asked was when they could come over! Now I want to work her up to 4 or 5 guys. Next time I will ask our two friends if they have any other trustworthy friends that want to partake in a bit of a gangbang! We will watch a game on tv then go fuck my wifes brains out! (and being we will be at my house I will sneak in a camera!) I have already talked to my wife about it and she actually wants to just stick with these two for awhile... I can understand.. I told her no hurry but she did say she would find it quite interresting but it would have to happen without her knowing when. I asked why and she said she finds it to scary and overwhelming but if she was already doing two black guys and was horny as hell she wouldn't push away other black guys taking turns with her. So I am thinking I might arrange this surprise gangbang a little sooner than she thinks!!!

Sunday, 4 July 2004
I hope there are some readers of my posts. I won't be posting much more here but I wanted to let anyone here that has been following my posts know that I did get that gangbang in Friday night! I was going wait for some time but our second new guy is a bit more on the wild and anxious side and emailed a few times telling me he had a few buds that were more than willing to help us out with my fantasy of my wife being taken by more than just two. He had 5 friends that were all clean and trustworthy and more importantly hung! I kept telling him I wasn't sure and that we needed to just stick with him and the other guy for now. They both came to town last weekend and we had them come straight to our place for two nights of interracial orgy madness.....another great weekend of fucking my wife. She is really into this now and watching her get black bred is a huge turn on for both of us. As they had their way with her I was getting more and more interrested of having them bring their friends anyway and I was starting to get dissapointed that I didn't just go ahead and agree to it... my wife did tell me she wouldn't turn away others once things got going but just not to let her in on it and just let it happen once she was being taken by our two studs. As I got more and more ***** I thought.. fuck it... next time she's going to get a hell of a lot of black cock! I let them know that it needed to be kept quiet and that we would have to do this at a hotel again because I didn't know their friends. they agreed to keep things comfortable. Well Friday night they came into town and I told my wife we had to meet them at the hotel this time because they had a meeting to attend the next morning at that hotel conference room and had to head back home for the fourth of july weekend. We went to the room and relaxed and had some drinks and smoked some huge joints... I was getting a little too stoned and it was just as well because what I was about to see might have changed my mind on this whole gang bang idea. One of our two studs was getting his cock sucked by my wife when the other told me his 5 friends just called his cell from outside the hotel and he wanted me and him to go out and meet them and then have them come back to the room. When we got outside I saw 5 dudes that looked like they were football players standing by a rented cargo van. I started to think I had made a mistake and that this might have gone overboard. I got a little scared and was thinking of backing out but then thought they might get pissed and there was no telling how that would turn out! I was introduced to them all and they said they wanted to join in on our little party. I don;t know what got into me but I told them to just go in and take my wife hard and fast... and that she wanted to feel as if she was being gang *****! They all like that idea quite a bit. I told them not to be too rough and that she loved being verbally abused and ****** to suck while being fucked but no anal at all. We agreed they would slowly and quietly come into the room one by one at a staggered pace so she wouldn't be aware of my little plan. I went back to the room to find our friend humping my wife from behind. her head was turned away from the door on the pillow... my other friend stripped and climbed in the bed and grabbed her by the hair and slid his cock into her mouth. I could tell she was stoned and really mellowed out. One by one the others showed up and watched ... their eyes were big like mine! I think they weren't sure if this was really going to happen and I think they were amazed in how good looking my wife was. they started high fiving each other and had big smiles on their faces. the music was turned up a bit and the drinks and joints were passed around. Our friend dismounted and one of the new guys took over doggystyling my wife. I don't think she noticed anything was different and just continued to suck the other friend. By this time the rest were undressed and the room was full of huge black guys with enormous cocks. I was so turned on seeing my naked wife on her knees surrounded by 7 black men and they were all going to fuck her. One of the new guys had a really fat cock and his balls were huge and hung low. it almost looked like he was swollen or had elephantitis! Ha ha! I had never seen balls that big! He tapped the guy humping my wife and he got up and then the big balls dude mounted my wife. He had a hard time getting it in at first and she suddenly looked up and over her shoulders to see this stranger mounting her ... he pushed her head down back over the cock she was sucking and said "relax bitch... I'm going to make you come hard" his balls draped over my wifes pussy and the more he pounded her the more they flopped and slapped her clit from behind... she stopped sucking and looked up and around and saw a few of the new guys... I noticed she looked a little panicked and looked around a little more frantically (probably looking for me) the big balls guy grabbed my wife by the hair and ****** her head to the pillow and he leaned over her shoulder as he continued to thrust into her and yelled "Thats right bitch, we are all here to fuck you tonight... all seven of us" I could hear her muffled screams in the pillow as he suddenly started pumping his cock hard fast and really deep into her... I think he was fucking her too hard and with every thrust she screamed into the pillow. I was a little concerned. From my point of view his dick stretched her wider than she has ever been stretched. It was like she was being fucked with a rolling pin! He stopped, flipped her around missionary style and pounded her and made her tits flop around. She kept her eyes open and never looked away from his face. She had her hands on his shoulders like she wanted to push him off but she never did. He stopped and climbed onto the side of the bed and shoved his dick into her mouth and yelled SUCK IT YOU WHITE SLUT! She could barely get the head of his dick in her mouth as another dude mounted her missionary and started fucking her fast and hard. AGain she was vocal on every thrust but continued to stroke his cock into her mouth, I relaxed a bit in knowing she accepted her new studs. Another dude straddled the other side of her and placed her hand around his cock and made her stroke it...she went back and forth sucking each one. she had three guys on her now. her feet in the air, legs spread and her tits jiggling. Man was she being fucked good. The other guys were making all kinds of comments out loud about her nice big tits and and pussy and wanting to have their turn to fuck that married white bitch! "I hope she likes the taste of cum because I'm gonnna jizz in her mouth tonight!" someone else yelled "Fuck that I'm cummin in her pussy!" They tossed her around like a rag doll. She was back on all fours on the floor and sucking off one guy that was sitting on the edge of the bed when one stud let his load go in her. she squeeled a muffled yelp still with a cock in her mouth. He started to dismount when another dude pushed him aside like a wild horny dog and mounted her and fucked her rapidly. I guess he didn't mind sloppy seconds as jizz foamed up around my wifes pussy as he pounded her. The others were carrying on like school kids rooting for him to cum in her and saying things like hurry up I'm next. the dude on the edge of the bed let out a grunt and sperm filled up my wifes mouth and ran down his cock. she laid her head in his lap as the guy behind her unloaded his jizz into her. the rest of them took turns doggy styling her and then ejaculated into her pussy from behind one by one. The guys were all sitting around in the room just watching as the next of their friends inseminated my wife. Her pussy was soaked and red. I hadn't seen a cream pie like that before. She couldn't get up off the floor when it was over. she collapsed to the floor and there she stayed with sperm was on her face and oozing out of her pussy. She was a used up white slut. I was last. I figured if they didn't mind sloppy seconds then I could fuck her too so I did. They rooted me on as I grabbed her hips and lifted her ass up in the air and shoved my dick into her dripping pussy... it was hot and wet and very loose. I don't know if whe was concious at that point but if she was she probably wouldn't have noticed my dick in her after taking so many penises that were as thick as my wrist and almost as long as my forearm. I humped her and quickly came and it felt intense... I had a lot of cum built up from watching 7 black studs gangrape my wife. They later thanked my and left. A while later my wife started mumbling. I asked what she was saying and she said ..." I knew you wouldn't wait to arrange that gangbang." I appologized and said our friend had offerred it a few times and I couldn't resist and wanted my next fantasy realized. I asked her if she liked it and she said it was a little too much but that it was extremely erotic and she felt more than satisfied sexually. The next day we left the hotel and headed home and she said we might need to wait a while before attempting something like that again since she needed time to recover. I agreed and said I hoped she wasn't mad at me... she said "no way! It was fun but lets keep the number of guys down a little next time... it was starting to get painful when they would just fuck me fast and hard... it was good but that many hurts after a while... so next weekend lets just stick with two or three." Needless to say I said "three meaning two black studs and me?" and she replied with "well, I guess that would be four then... but thats all! No more!" I said I would let them know ... and then she pulled a nice surprise... she then said ... "just make sure one of them is that guy that has the huge balls!" I replied... Oh you noticed that one huh? and she said " when that guy fucked me I was stretched so wide and it was intense...his balls kept hitting my clit and I orgasmed the entire time he was doing me and I almost **********! when he came it felt like he wouldn't ever stop coming! I filled up like a waterballoon!" So I told her I would find out who he was and he would be a part of our permanent crew!

I think maybe i did over do it but watching seven black men take their turns with my wife was intense! Now that I have done that I don't feel the need to repeat it but I will certainly make sure three black studs take her from now on! This fourth of July weekend the fireworks were deep inside my wife! Next weekend is going to be interesting!

Wednesday, 21 July 2004

well, my wife had a great saturday night getting nailed by her black studs but things might be getting a little out of hand and I might need to reel our friends in some. We agreed our two original friends could just come straight to the house and we could accomodate them and only them. Saturday night they knocked on the door as expected but I was asked if it was okay if Ryan could hang out and participate tonight. Before I could try to explain that we agreed to motel meets when it came to others Ryan handed my a sandwich bag of some very dense pot. That certainly took the surprise sting out of his self invitation so I just said it was cool for tonight only but from now on I needed to know all details ahead of time. They said he was cool and could be trusted and that my wife would really appreciate his being there and that I would later understand. Well, my wife heard the commotion at the door and I could hear the shower starting. She likes to take a hot shower before sex sometimes to relax and work herself up. I walked in and told her we would be in the living room smokin a bowl and to come in when she was ready and that there were three this time... she asked who the third person was and I explained to her it was cool and that she would really appreciate what he had to offer. I could only guess but I thought that meant he was hung or something. After half and hour of shooting the shit my wife turned off the living room light and there was only the ambient light of the television in the room. She was wearing a very sexy lingerie outfit she got at victoria secret. (When she picked it out at the store and asked what I thought I told her I wanted to see her wear it while being fucked by black studs and see it soaked in cum... she went to the counter and paid for it immediately!) She was introduced to Ryan and he stood up to say hello and my wife just dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants and reached in... I think he was surprised at how fast she started in on him and so were the rest of us! She undid his belt and pulled down his jeans. She carressed his briefs and watched as his bulge grew. She then pulled it out and pulled it out and pulled it out and flop... now we knew why they said she would appreciate him!!! This guy was a freak! His penis was more than a foot long... she was taken aback and said whoah! and the rest of us laughed out loud! She stroked him a few times and then rubbed his dick on her clevage. She took the head into her mouth and stroked him while sucking on him. He held her head and slowly thrusted but she couldn't get any more than his head in her mouth. She pushed him down on the couch and continued to suck as the other two stripped and waited their turn. One mounted my wife from behind with his ten incher which seemed small after seeing Ryans cock. Everyone kept to my request of keeping my wifes lingerie on while screwin her. The most amazing moment happend when Ryan took my wife's hips and layed his cock across her ass from behind. It ended at the small of her back. She wiggled and arched her back inviting him to slide in as much of it as he could... to my surprise he actually got most of it into her and he fucked her like she could take it all and a few times it looked like he might have shoved all of it to the hilt into her and when he did try my wife yelped out quite loud but I don't think he cared... he continued to fuck and he grunted like an animal with every thrust and It turned her on big time. She would yell out tellin him to fuck her harder and deeper... I was amazed. Then he grabbed her panties that were still around her waist but pulled aside for access to her pussy and he yanked them off with a snap... actually ripped her panties off and then did the same to the blousy top and then her top... with each rip of her 3 piece lingerie she ooohed in pleasure.... I knew she liked the idea of being ***** and the ripping of her lingerie created that feeling for her. She later told me she wanted them to do that every time because it turned her on so much! he flipped her over and she lay missionary and sucked the other two in turn while Ryan's black snake slid over her belly. He mounted her belly and squeezed her tits together and ran his cock in between them... she tucked her chin down and received the head of his dick in her mouth while he fucked her tits... thats when I noticed for the first time that night that she had shaven her pussy clean! Her red beaten wet pussy... i wanted to fuck her so bad but there was no room for me amongst three big black dudes so I watched as he stroked his dick thru her tits... he let out a huge groan and all fo the sudden like a fire hose he let his jizz go and it squirted onto my wife's face, shot into her hair, in her mouth, on her neck... he just kept cumming and cumming and cumming and before I knew it you could barely see her face and neck for all the sperm on it! This was the messiest facial I had ever seen! She was licking her lips and moaning. We all just stood there looking at her jizz covered face. Ryan got up and walked over to smoke a bowl. The other two turned her over and each one took his turn pumping my wifes cunt and filling her up with their sperm. Watching huge black cocks penetrate my wifes clean shaven pussy was an amazing site! If you let your wife fuck black guys then make sure she shaves... it made me jizz just watching! We will be going back to the routine of getting a motel room for two reasons now... in case of the incidental stranger being brought along and for the fact that I now have to have my couch cleaned. My wife layed on the couch with jizz running out of her and onto the couch and all that sperm on her face and neck ran onto the couch as well... there were some huge wet spots there tonight!

Well, that was the last post since I wasn't getting any reponses so I don't know if anyone was reading them so I will try here. We continue to meet with a couple of these guys almost every weekend but it almost got too out of hand and she thought about stopping. I didn't want to pressure her so we took a few weeks off from our kinky ways. It didn't take long though and I could tell she was missing it and getting restless. We would fuck and she would act like she was looking for someone to walk out a closet and fuck her or something so while doing her I whispered "You want a big black cock in you now don't you!" and of course she said yes I want them here now! One hit on the quick dial on the phone and I had one over in 30 minutes. I took it slow with her waiting for him to show I could hear that he let himself in so I positioned myself on the bed and kept her on her knees and made her go down on me. With her back arched and legs spred I rubbed her wet pussy with my hand waiting for our stud to mount her. She had no idea I had phoned him. I told him if one night i should call and hang up and you see my cell number on the missed call list that she was ready again. He snuck in, slowly got on the bed then grabbed her by the hips and slid his monster in as she screamed in startlement and relief... "Oh yeah, fuck me fuck me oh gawd I have been wanting your black cock in me!" and with that he banged her ass while she sucked on my cock. I unloaded in her mouth. I got out of bed to watch the rest of the show as our black stud fucked her brains out. She later told me that by holding back for weeks then suddenly surprising her that she had the best sex ever and she orgasmed countless times! Needless to say we don't wait quite so long anymore to fill her with black dick![/img]
Hot wife!

What a fine white slut wife you have.....thanks for the play by play, sounds like her momentium increased as she took on multipal black cocks?
thank you!

just to say, love your diaries......hope there eare more, perhaps get your bitch to reply
Be less stoned and take more pictures. She looks very hot taking BBC.
She is so hot. Do they do her bareback? Keep the pictures coming. They have me hard and dreaming of being there. :twisted:
Your wife is very hot. A lovely slut. You get to see first hand. Her breeding. Please let me enjoy also. To see her taken and used. As it should be. :twisted:
Love your story

Thank you, thank you for all your posts......love how your wifes lust for Black cock keep growing....she is so hot...love her body and seeing her fuck all those Black men. Good work. jim
We're a white couple located in Cleveland, OH.

You are one lucky guy and your wife is lucky to have a husband like you.

We're into the scene and have been for 15+ years but have never run into anything like you described in your stories.

I loved reading your posts,made me wished I was on the receiving end of some of your wifes' prime pussy.(longrider670@yahoo.com)
Great Story

loved the story. Made my cock get hard - almost came. I am envious of your wife.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your posts, wow your wife is one hot slut. I'm a slut for black cock too though the most i've had so far is 3 black guys in one nite. Would love to hear your wifes account of those evenings if possible.

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