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Pacific North West

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Oct 14, 2005
Looking for large black males in the pacific north west for some "extra" fun!


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Hi Tiffany,
as usual your pics are fantastic as ever, I never finish to admire you!
Keep on posting new ones so I can enjoy u like all the others that will post something. A besos Ted
Red dress

You 're really dressed to s*ck.... Like to see those lips working on some big black ... ;-)

Surprise us!

Tiffany_bjqueen said:
Looking for large black males in the pacific north west for some "extra" fun!
i live in cali the bay area. if this is ok with u let me know
Tiffany, how does a bottle of wine a hotel suite for a weekend sound? I can travel! Where are you, and how can I make it happen?
i just want to fuck a hot blonde

if their are any hot blonde s or just plane hot ladies that want to just fuck until the sun cum up , then let me know , i live in the bay area. i am 35 blk , and have a nice tool to pleasure u with . oh that s cali . for those who dont know . so if this is cool with u let s do it . oh yea to make it easy for u ladies . u can get the room and i will pay u for it when i get their . so lets just fuck.

I opened a new site!

I opened a new site for online friends. The site is intended to allow members to send me sexy items so I can pose and have photos taken of me in the items u send. I will save the best shots for you and post a few for other members to look at. Let me know what you would like.



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tiff, where are you from, i am in WA
sounds great sweetie where in the north west you are located would love to meet up wiht you get at me at parot24@yahoo.com black male here 26
Sorry it too so long!

Sorry it took so long!


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Tiff, you are sooo hot! I am in Southern Oregon and do not travel much so I know I am out of reach for you. You do a great job with the pics so keep 'em comin
Canadian border

Canadian border!


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