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phoenix bi cpl 4 bbc

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Hot w/c in Phoenix looking for hung gentlemen types for erotica. Not into degrading, just fun hot sex, long sensous foreplay leading to deep penetration. garyw980@yahoo.com


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fucking nice
Thought i'd bump this 1 up to the front. It's practically new but was already on page five. The problem is, the fucking jackass Guest user above went through ALL the posts in this section between October 12 and 15 and bumped everything he liked, even posts that have been dead for two years, with a "Fucking Nice." as you can see stated in his moronic post above. :roll: Idiot. This resulted in many of the newest, very good posts being pushed back while alot of old dead posts were pushed to the front. Ya got posts on page 7 that started newer than posts on page 1. Hope this guys a "Never Inside" cuckold, cause some people just shoudn't breed.
Hot wife by the way. Hope someone in Phoenix can sex her good.
wish I was in AZ to service u 2
I'm in Phoenix, and would love to meet up with you. You can reach me at nepulous@yahoo.com

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