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Please Fake My Hot Blonde Wife

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May 20, 2004
Please Fake My Hot Blonde Wife . Would love to see some pics of her enjoying some BBC


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Your wife is fucking hott dude. Your a lucky man thats all i have to say.
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Thanks . But it seems nobody wants to Fake her
Hot blonde wife

loves hot black cock


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will this do

bbc for your wife


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nigger fucker

here's you family photo. smile!


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Wow great work , keep em cumming .
i dont get it

HOw bout u get her some bbc and stop wanting her faked.
Why don't YOU just pleasure your wife instead? Rather than request these fictional, DEVIANT, masturbatory, VILE fantasies??

You're sick...

Mr. Fields
A really horny Sex Kitten that will find it hard to be loyal to just one man.
The big cock bulls would have a field day with her eager eroticism.
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can anyone else Fake her ? Will add some new pics soon . Thanks
can anyone else fake her ?
Please post more fakes , Let her see how good she would look
thanks for this.
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You travel?
Can anyone please do some good fakes of my wife ?
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Here Post more pics of her

Ja7102275 said:
Thanks . But it seems nobody wants to Fake her

Or email to me.


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