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Please take my wife

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Nov 19, 2005
I have tried for years to convince my wife to try BBC. From black dildo's to interracial films to talking about a BBC while we were having sex. I've tried it all. I'm desperate.. Do you black guys want her?
Where are you located? She's fine. I wouldn't mind sinking my dick inside that.
here is another

Here is another pic for you. Could you help me getting her some bbc? Show me.
What a fine woman. She should have as much black as she can handle. I'd love to be the one.
"love to be the one"

Maybe we can meet to discuss a plan to make it happen. Got any pics of size and body shape?
she can get all the black she wants with that body and looks.belive me I know been there my wife is small and blond, a lot older now. but had a lot of fun.

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