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The Bull
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Dec 28, 2018
Ok so heres the story I’m the 31m my wife is 29. We’ve been together for quite some time now and have been through a lot. I was unfaithful fucking sluts all across the nation. Needless to say it just about destroyed my marriage however there was an unexpected benefit. My wife got turned on by the thought of me fucking another woman in my case several women. She started asking me to tell her the full detailed stories while we were getting intimate. It became like foreplay only with my cock in her. She would moan harder and react more when I would tell her what I did. One of my adventures you could call it was a glory hole, this was really intriguing to her it became her favorite. My wife and I have 5 kids getting intimate at all is more work than pleasure some times for her. Also once our 5th child came she was put on meds that dropped her sexdrive almost off the map. In the 3m postpartum I think we just had sex for the third time this past weekend. And that took some persistence from me…… I wanted that pussy bad. I pulled out the toys we hadn’t used in months I started with the bullet vib on the outside of her shorts running it up and down her ass crack then pushing it into her pussy. I knew she couldn’t resist and she really couldn’t she wanted it too just tried to resist. I pulled out all the stops Normally it’s quick and unpleasant but I told her we were going to make love and that’s what we did. The other secret weapon I had was a rabbit vibrator. I grabbed our lube and prepped it like a porn star then slowly slid it into her tight pussy while the bullet was on her clit and my mouth was sucking and licking one of her tits. She was going wild bucking back and forth moaning begging for my cock, but I was taking my time making sure she was being properly pleasured and i Denied her my cock until I was ready. When I was ready I lubed my rock hard cock up and started forcing my cock into her with the rabbit in her she was even tighter. Eventually I slipped the head then slowly inch by inch till my balls were getting buzzed. I slowly started to fuck her all the while trying to take her pleasure to a whole new level. It was a truly fun experience however family cock blocked her and she had to finish alone. I have experienced a lot from MFMs, DPs, DVPs, glory holes, fucking in random spots, with milfs, and cucks. My wife’s experiences a lot more vanilla in comparison, so I want to open her up sexually I believe it could help our marriage to a extent. First I plan to build her a glory hole and not just a wall with a hole in the wall or curtain but one like I have pictured below so she can enjoy the pleasure and mystery comfortably. She will most likely be so excited that I’ll break it in with her but the option for the full experience will be available. I believe this is the first step in throwing off the conservative judgements of her family and moving us forward. I mean to me she’s one sexy ass milf big tits big butt super tight pussy and I’d like to share her. I hope to boost her confidence i her body and herself, and to conquer the fear that holds her back I love her with all my heart and want her to be happy. If she likes it awesome we can build from there, if she doesn’t I’d shut everything down I guess we will see.

I would like input on this, this is not a made up story this is a idea I am wanting to pursue I’m not stupid and not setting impossible expectations on it working but you never know

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Curious to know how she received the glory hole idea .. perhaps, add a camera outside the wall, and if she's interested, she could see who's enjoying her 😉
This is a very difficult thing, as a woman, I find it difficult to agree with
I convinced my wife to go to and adult store with me and took her to the peeps with glory holes. She is the innocent type and didn’t want to be seen. After watch porn and playing a little I convinced her to let me dog fuck her . Unfortunately the booth was so narrow we couldn’t bend her over so I convinced her to let me dog fuck her from the next booth thru the glory hole! Took some convincing but she had had a few drinks which helped. I told her to back of the the glory hike for me.
I left her booth and was dying to pee! I went down the hall to the rest room, came back to the booth next to hers and pulled in the door. It was locked! I Rand to the booth on the other side and looked thru a small peep hole into my wife’s booth and she was backed up to the glory hole! I could tell my her jerking motions that she was getting fucked!
I wanted to shout for her to warn her but how could I? She thought it was me and I had convinced her to do it! I watch for what seemed like a long time when I heard a loud grown from the guy! I knew he had just cum and unfortunately since she thought it was me, he wasn’t wearing a rubber! I saw her stand up from the position at the glory hole and when she did I could see cum running down her leg! She grabbed a paper towel and started cleaning her pussy!
I quickly went in the hall and stood at the doorway to the booth I was to have been in. I was curious about the guy who just took my wife’s pussy! The door open and out walked a young black guy with a big smile on his face! Of course he was smiling, he just got my wife’s white pussy!
After he left I tapped on my wife’s booth and she opened it. I said “ how was that?” She said it felt different like it was bigger and longer! I told her that was because we did it doggie and it went in deeper!
I never told my wife what happened or that she had been fucked by a young black man that night! She still thinks I’m the only dick she has ever had but she still talked about how big I felt I her that night at the glory hole!
I will never tell her she was some black kids pussy that night!
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I didn’t expect my wife to get her first black dick that night but it was so erotic !