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I got a bit "strange" question for you. We are a couple living in Denmark. I'm 28 and she's 21. We are both white. I have a fantasy of seeing my gf sexually with other men. I do not know how to tell her this fantasy of mine to her without hurting her feelings. I know for a fact that she is very sexy and very beautiful and would have lots of chances of getting a one-night-stand wherever she is, but would probably not do anything like that since we are very open and respect each other. What could I do to let her know that I would be OK with the fact that she could have sex with others than me without hurting her feelings or she freak out?

show her

Please excuse me for intruding but I'd like to help if I may.

Leave some pics like these for her to find. But make certain you only use pics of black studs with pretty white girls. When she see them she will be so jealous of the white girls getting black cock she won't be able to resist Stemptation, and she'll want very badly to find a black men to fuck her.
Hi "Guest"-

My suggestion is to start off by spicing up your own sex life and seeing where it goes. Ok, what do I mean by that. If you do not think you can to talk to her about your desires, then first explore how far she is willing to go.

Try some sex games, like public sex or unusual places to make love. I have enjoyed sex on beaches in back of cars and even a quickie in a elevator. I have always recommended buying a nice black dildo and you would be surprised at how many fantasy games you can make up. You do not even have to be there for you both to enjoy it. I took mine on a airplane trip and enjoyed a solo version of the "Mile High Club".

Little things like that get you to open up your conversations about sex, desires, and fantasy.
I'd LOVE for my wife to try BBC!!

I fantasize about my wife getting fuckedby a big black cock daily! The thought of her sucking on a black cock and eating a load of his cum just about makes me pop my cork. :) How do I get her to try it?
If you two were really open-minded and respected one another you wouldn't have any problem with laying your fantasies on the table...if there is such a problem with getting it out in the open...

how well do you know one another? respect one another? how open minded are you really?

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