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New around here...
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Feb 26, 2004


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You look great 11 out of 10. Wish i was between those lovely legs :wink:
Great legs, but cannot judge the ass, tits, etc. How about "more" of a look? :lol:


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blue, is that you up there on the leather couch???????????

i have a couch just like that!!!

Very average to me. I might be willing to let her lick my Black ASS
ill gladly divide and conquer#9

open your legs a little wider i can see you aint had any black dick cause you legs are to close together. now open up and give us that pic u little slut . you no you want some attention come on.
ShyWifeRN rating

I don't know about anyone else, but I think Mr. Fields needs his eyesight checked.
Great legs. Dont know about the rest but I give you an A. Where in MA?
Very nice!!

You look lovely, posing on the couch with your legs crossed. Personally, I'd love to see just a bit of bare thigh, ******* above the tops of a pair of delicious nylon stockings, and the hint of a garter strap holding the chevroned stockings in place.
A very erotic sight.
nice looking bitch....and you with the tiny cock...stop that!

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