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Ready to fuck the hell out of a white woman

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Oct 18, 2004
I am ready to have a white woman suck my black dick:) THen let me plow here nice creamy white pussy with my woman pleaser. I am open to playin with couples to.


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lets play lion, i'll roar, and u throw me the meat

i am ready to have the hell fucked out of me by a black cock and ready to suck a big black dick!!!! i want a black man to take me and show me what getting fucked is all about. like clarence carter......hard, slow, fast, deep, spread the cheeks of my ass and set the root and spread the head and my sucking the end of your cock, pounding the back of my throat oh yeahhhhhh
My white wife in Maryland

Are you in or near Maryland? My white wife may be very interested.

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