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real hardcore!!!!!

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I have worked in a field you no nothing about.
I saw raw footage that was not re worked. You sir are
as correct as Satan. Enjoy your own misinformation
the more you want to believe it the more it will be real
to you.
1st attempt at posting a pic.
I saw the the real footage and I saw the 757!
Charlotten. You made me laugh tonite...
wheres your facts? you just blame and attac people. a crime must be taken like a crime not like religous thing like taliban and bush see it.
facts speak cia knows about attacs before...
Not to be a pest...

But I have posted a private notification to the moderator about spitting conspiracy claims in a website dedicated to seeing white women with black men.

Sorry if people aren't hearing the claims.

If you have pics like what I am posting, then the message MAY get through.


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