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real life situation-how uncommon?

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Aug 29, 2005
This is a real life situation. About 5 yrs ago I began an affair with a local professional man. Hes blk and I knew going in that he was seeing others. After about a year, the relationship hadd been transformed into a D/s relationship, at least in private. By then I knew he had similar relationships with two other married wht women. Before year 3, I had decided to make a full committment and become owned. There was a formal ceremony including his two others, his brother and my husband. My husband was allowed to stay married proviced he got a vasectomy. Currently, the three of us are all committed to him and allthree of our husbands have elected to stay married to us. I have since had two of his children and am pregnant with the third. The three of us have 7 and two of us are now pregnamt. Our husbands continue to provide the majority of support. His brother has developed a similar extended family situation. In spite of how this sounds we are all conservative and very discrete. I'm wondering how common or unique this situation is? Kathi
Probably more common than someone not familiar with this lifestyle would expect, but still probably not terribly common. You should post a photo of yourself.

Wow, what a life your Master has -- breeding three women in what is really a harem. With seven kids, he has to be congratulated. What are your ages? Got a family portrait?
Ill try to post a pic although I havent had much success so far. Ok, it ways it must be less than 640 pixels wid and 480 high...I havent a clue what that means or how to alter the available pic --- its really a smallish pic. Sorry, I tried


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kathi said:
does this work.

Indeed, mission accoplished...but why so blue? LOL :lol:

Just kidding. You are very pretty and your situation is certainly nothing to laugh about. You deserve applause for joining the other women in the shared service of your master and extra points for the ****** castration of your husband/cuckold effectively ensuring his genetic line ends with him.

Thank you for posting Kathi!

Since your photos are working, I'm sure others might also enjoy some of you fellating your master's staff while holding up a wedding snap of you and your cuckold.

Any pix taken while nursing your black babies would also be appreciated by more than a few members here.

Please ask your master if you might share these or other images of your complete devotion to him.

What do you tell your friends and family about how you got pregnant with black children; has anybody ever asked you about this? Do you ever get stares in public when you and your husband are out with your kids? Just curious.
In all three of our cases, our parents are deceased. They wouldnt have understood. To those not close to us, the kids are adopted, if they ask, which there seems to be fewer questions as time goes by. As a group we're very discrete. On the few occasions when all three couples and our master and all the kids are together, however - its entirely another matter. The disturbance is so pronounced we go out of our way to avoid the situation. There is never an intent to make anyone uncomfortable.
The blue pic is a pic I was playing around with in photoshop - I dont care for it much but its the only one that fits within the parameters allowed. I have other pics but cant figure out how to resize them to post them. I tried the one site suggested and did manage to resize a pic but then couldnt figure out how to export it. Just not geeky enough I guess.

Can you show everyone photos of you with your master?

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