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Recongnise my mother? she needs a DOM man to entertain.

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My mother was a traditional obedient hispanic house wife in CA. She was a proffesional. belly dancer performing in clubs and at parties. at age 6 i found photos. At 10 i found THE PHOTOS, of her engaged in interacial sex with at least a hundred well hung black men some were of her with 3 men. she was even at the receiving end of Tony T's 18 inch cock 3-4 times. I was shocked. but she changed my sexuality forever! she has been a widow for 1 yr. I see her looking at blackmen and see her lust. I never confronted her with her photos even after hearring her say racial remarks while growing up. NOW Im Seeking her past partners. and or blk well hung DOM to retrain her. she has lived in Las Vegas since the 70's. Now in need of a thick black cock ! to please her and put some discipline back in to her life. ruffrider! these photos are 20 yrs old if intrested will send updated photos.


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