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Rewarding Vaginal Training

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Sep 27, 2004
Even the most petite white girl can accomidate the largest black men through the help
of the three P's : Practice, Patience and Perseverance.

With a few common household items and just a little determination, any diminutive high school
female, of legal age, can succesfully stretch her vagina wide enough to completely sheath
and comfortably milk even the most colossal black penis, from foreskin to scrotum.

As you will see early vaginal training can be truely rewarding.

Lets follow young Violet thru her initial preperations...to her ultimate goal.


Violet knows her teenage vagina is too small and tight to properly service
a black man so she begins by simply spreading her delicate lips using her fingers. Wearing
a skirt to school, she can do this often thoughout the day, at her desk, by her locker
or any time nobody's looking.


Behind the school's dumpster on her way home each day Violet bends
over and pushes her pubic mound backward in the warm sunshine. Here she stretches
her soft outer and inner labia being careful to stop only when the pressure becomes painful.
She holds herself gaping this way for as long as possible. Despite the smell of garbage
and buzzing of flies, she can only think of black cock.

After a few weeks, her labia has become visibly longer and more pliable.
It is now time to excersise her tight inner flesh.


Getting comfy on her parents secluded back porch Violet spreads her
pale young legs wide. She then comines fantasy and clitoral stroking with more manual
stretching until she is sufficiantly lubricated to graduate to actual insertion.


Using the vibrators borrowed from her mothers "private drawer" she
slowly progresses in size from smallest to largest. Saving the biggest for last, Violet
slowly works it deeply in and out. Realizing even the biggest vibrator is still much
thinner than an average black penis, she also rotates the thick toy in large deliberate circles
as if she were stirring a deep pot of soup.


Feeling the tight gripping muscles just inside her lips start to relax and tingle,
she tests her progress with her hand. While her knuckles refuse to push beyond the rim
of her inner labia, Violet can be proud of how far she has come in such a short time.


Having to swallow the thick bitter cum of the obese white owner of her
town's only adult bookstore to get her next training device is worth it.


Vilolet knows to obediently satisfy a black boy she will must be able to
take his full throbbing length as well as girth...


Beaming with confidence, her lips part to accept the rigid plastic tip...

Violet feels a little light headed as she is slowly stretched, filled and appears to have hit bottom...

Where there's a will there's a way... One final push and she's done it. The cold rubber monster
breeches Violets cervix. She rocks on the huge toy for an hour, coaxing a dozen
orgasms from deep within her spasming womb. Just reward for a job well done, she loses
track of time and is nearly caught by her mother returning from work.


By feigning illness the following sunday, Violet convinces her parents to let her
stay home, since the minister had promised to discuss the churches minority outreach program,
something her daddie always said was unimportant anyway.
Her parents agree
that she should stay home and rest, but once their car left the driveway,
she hastily gathers
some important houshold items; daddy's new monogramed golf balls
from his study and
the fancy candles mother keeps for special occasions.

Violet was never to touch these things but this next exercise would be
a symbolic representation
of her disrespect for her parent's dearest ideals...

Violet is thrilled at how effortlessly her freshly trained pussy gobbled all six
of daddies little white balls...


She enjoys the delightful sensation as her vaginal walls contracted and the balls
moved around inside her...


but as she expects, there is plenty of room left...

...and Violet knows the candles will fill her deeply as well as stretch her to
the very limit and one step closer to her goal of being an adiquate recepticle for a
giant pulsing black cock.


In they slide, one at a time until all eight of mother's precious pink candles
are gripped tightly in her daughters hot pink vagina! Violet is so
proud of herself.


Laying back Violet stares in disbelief at her gaping pink hole savoring
the full-to-bursting sensation of the long wax tapirs forcing the golf balls outward in
every direction, urgently pressing against her delictae inner walls. She imagines her
juices so hot they might melt the candles and wonders with a smile if her daddy would
notice her dried cum flake off on his hands as he prepares to tee off.


The long slurping sound as the
candles glide wettly from her lips signals it was time for Violet's final test.


There are still six golf balls...

...one knuckle at a time...

...deeper and deeper...three fingers push efforlessly through her puckered cervix
to reach to final golf ball nestled in her womb.

Violet is now ready for her own kind of minority outreach.

Violet meet David at the 7-11 where he was manager. A chubby homely
older guy, he is immediately smitten as she teases him for weeks. She strips for him in the store's refridgerator,
just out of reach, occasionally pulling her teenage nipples or bending to display her pretty
young slit and asshole. If he reaches for her she slaps him and threatens to never
see him again. He professes his love for her as he jerks himself to feble climax into her warm
balled-up panties. Afterward she kisses him on the neck and pats his deminishing erection
as if it were a tiny pink puppy.

On the night of their six month anniversary she asks him to meet her at the motor lodge
downtown so she can truely express her feelings for him. It is in a bad part of town
but she knows he will come anticipating a night to make his months of suffering and humiliation worthwhile.
Violet wonders if he will even be curious why she told him to come straight form work and not to forget
to bring the cash deposit from the store.


At the motel, Violet is quick to explain that the dangerous looking black men, only one of which she knew, sporting cameras and massive
erections are there to help her conclude her "special training", and that she had met Marcus through
a church charity organization. Perhaps the others were his friends. It didn't really matter.
The money is to be a small donation for their participation in the multi cultural celebration about to commence.

Violet tells David that she will lovingly fuck these men because she wants to believe he loves her and would want
her to experience ecxtasy that his small pale prick can never provide. She explains that the sperm of these
relative strangers gushing repeatedly into her unprotected womb will only make her appreciate
David more and by watching closely as she surrenders to these beautiful black men the sweet pinkness he's only
dreamed of for the past six months, will prove his love to be more than just passionate utterances
blurted thoughtlessly as he mastubates for her in the 7-11 fridge, blowing his tiny load into the chilly air.


She is aware of David shifting uncomfortably in his seat as she quicky strips and eases gentley down
on Marcus' waiting pole. All the stretching has been worth it.

After several minutes of milking Marcus' glistening black meat with her pussy
accompanied by the raucus obscene comentary of the other black men, Violet asks to switch position so that she
can better see the humiliation in David's face. As the huge cock grinds deeper into her from behind,
she describes the filling sensation to him, pausing only to moan or
catch her breath.


Violet can feel the fat tip of Marcus' long cock popping through the ring
of her cervix, in and out again. ..over and over...her abdomen twitches in a rhythm that reminds her of hiccups...


When Marcus cums for the first time, his potent flood of seed bathing the deepest recesses
of her fertile teenage uterus, David, can't help admiring her black
stud's cocksmanship.


Violet is very happy. Marcus cums many times and his friends also
do whatever they wanted with Violet's young ripe body. Several times she orders David
to call her parents and describe in filthy detail what he was watching. Her mother listens silently,
breathing heavily until Violet's father snatches the phone away screaming. Eventually they stop answering altogether.

Day's later David recieves a savage beating from some of Violet's daddies golf buddies.
She ices his wounds, encourages him to erection and generously strokes his penis
with one finger until he sprays on the front of his pants.

Forbidding him to clean himself , Violet insists he drive her downtown where Marcus and assorted friends fuck her repeatedly.

By touching David's pathetic organ only after he is thrashed by her daddies pals,
she insures the calls to her home are frequent and the descriptions of her wanton behavior graphic.


Months later Violet can only imagine what images go through David's mind
everytime they are stopped on the street and complimented on her growing tummy nor
did she know or care which of her many black lovers has inevitably impregnated her.

What matters was that her twins will have beautiful dark skin, that her parents and cuckolded boyfriend will
be perpetually humiliated and that her swollen belly is the talk of the senior class. Violet takes
great care to wear skimpy outfits that accentuate her changing physique.

Violet encourages her curious female classmates to touch her tummy ripening breasts. Their
envy is obvious as they stroke her developing body in the locker room. She delights them with
descriptions of her breeding, proudly sharing her black lovers phone numbers written thoughfully on poloroids taken by David of their
breathtaking ebony cocks.


Violet is not sure how it will feel to nurse her beautiful black babies in public on Sundays...

...as they suckle noisely while she sits in the front pew of her parents all white church
with her pretty spring dress around her waist.


But Violet is certain that her pregnancy thickened hips and ass will only add to the inviting
pleasure her methodically self-stretched pussy provides to her future back lovers.

hahaha excellent thread! I'm blushing :oops:
great work chinese.

Great work chinese. Violets only one of the many pretty white school girls getting knocked up by well endowed black studs.. Wish we could get more of them displayed that way. I love to see her nursing her black baby the way many other white girls are doing now. thanks again.

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