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Rodney made me a sissy

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When I was a younger man I was trying to figure out what I was...straight or gay...I met this incredibly handsome and powerful black guy named Rodney. He quickly mastered me and made me suck his cock. It was heaven! My mouth and his cock were made for reach other. He talked so sweetly...so nasty when he had me pleasure him. No thought of my satisfaction of course. After 3 or 4 sessions of me down on my knees I decided to introduce him to a new secret passion of mine. Under my sweatpants and T shirt I put on this incredible little white lace bra, panties, garter belt and white stockings. So there I was kneeling before him all spread out on my couch worshipping his beautiful cock when I ran my stockinged foot over his naked one. We were both a little high so it took a minute or two but when he realized I was in stockings he jumped. He then pulled down the back of my sweatpants roughly and felt my pantied ass, rubbing it and telling me how much he liked what I was wearing. I could tell...his cock was spasming in my mouth! He made me strip while he watched me intently and stroked himsself. He made me get down on all fours and that's when he fucked me for the first time! Oh but it hurt! After he practically ***** m he had me back on my knees cleaning his cock, and I sucked him off twice. I was exhausted but really happy! I asked him if this meant I was now his bitch? His response...."You always have been"
frilly panties

yes...on ur knees paying homage to a large black man while in panties is quite an experience, I agree.
I sucked a black cock when i was 21 and engaged to my wife. iwas overseas in the army. it was the biggest cock i ever seen and from that moment on i knew that was the only thing that truly satisfies me. i,m in my 50's now. still married to my wife and still crossdressing and getting on my knees to suck black cock. i consider it a privilege.
We're not worthy

You're right...it is a privilege to get on your knees and truly honor a fine black man. Not only are they physically superior to us white boys, but to white sissies in particular. We can never match up to them, nor should we try. They know who they are and what they want...and their cocks have more urgent needs. A strong black man knows how to cut through all the crap in life and get waht he wants. I know what they already do...that they are my superior and deserve to be satisfied above all others.

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