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romantic need bmwf missionary only

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Mar 23, 2004
I like to find a some videos that don't have so much anal or fucking in unorthodox positions. It's very boring to watch some of the junk they post in pic like fucking up side down and backwards . I can't believe people like that. I get bored looking at so much gang bang and double penetration. Why isn't there more just showing TWO people getting it on with lots of passion in the missionary position as if they're both enjoying it the way sex is meant to be. To me there's nothing hotter than seeing a black man and a beautiful white female lock together in the missionary position.
I have to agree here WhiteGuy. If its possible, I love being in a deep kiss with my woman when I explode inside her. Doggie is good for just getting off, and most woman I know enjoy it too. But for romance, missionary always makes me feel closer to (even if doggie lets me get deeper inside) the woman I am fucking.
Missionary: How About These

I do like missionary too, although it's not exactly my favorite. My favorite depends upon the woman and what she responds to the best.

The Tool!







Solowhtguy, you are a man after my own heart. The IR video world could be so much more effective, and persuasive, if they would abandon these ridiculous sexual acrobatics and concentrate more on the basic tried and true...that most of us can relate to...

.....like me.


Thank you all. I glad to see I have a little support on my view. I spend countless hours surfing the net for pic of black males humping white females but its very hard to find any showing really hot romantic fucking.

Withthe movement of more and more white females now showing they prefer black cock and gaining momentum, its important to show that white girls love taking black cock bareback in the missionary position and willing to carry the seed of black studs. With so many interracial sites available for young white girls to view on the net I think its important that they express the great pleasure white females experience when they have a black stallion between their thighs balls deep and kissing passionately . I like to see her showing her desire and lust for her black bull with her soft white breast being pressed by his strong black chest as hes humping her while she pulls him against her as thou she can't get his huge cock far enough in her while she anticipates the huge load hes about to spew in her pussy.
Target Audience

Why isn't there more just showing TWO people getting it on with lots of passion in the missionary position as if they're both enjoying it the way sex is meant to be. To me there's nothing hotter than seeing a black man and a beautiful white female lock together in the missionary position.

I think it boils down to the number of units being sold and purchased that determines the "style" of porn offered. I'm not a business exec but it seems to me that the industry targets the interest of the market. In this case, the point of emphasis is the Big Black Cock. So the exaggerated positions are presented because they display huge black cocks. Unlike main stream white on white porn, interracial porn is centered around the black cock with the exception of John Holmes and Peter North. Main stream porn is about the hot women like Jenna Jameson, etc while interracial porn is about the hung guys like Lex Steele, Mr. Marcus, etc. So until the whole notion of interracial sex is no longer taboo, it's very unlikely that you will see anything other than, more of the same. Most interesting, notice that in most IR porn the women are generally very petite while BBW are never on screen. How large would the BBC appear if the women were larger? But become a member of DC and about half of the ads have more realistic women(everyday working moms and professionals).

On another note, while constucting this message, it occured to me that I am also guilty of this as well. What I mean, in times past when I was taken on as a stud for a white couple, the initial sessions were definitely geared toward putting on a great performance for the husband while ensuring to make sure the wife got hers as well. For me that meant positions and poses that gave the best veiw of the penetration and the shaft. However as time went on with repeat encounters the focus changed from performing a live sex act to really getting in tune to the woman and being responsive to her body.

In a nutshell as unfortunate as it seems, this is the order of the day for IR. On the other hand, I'm sure that many white wives already have their emotional needs met by the husbands and the time with the black stud is for raw carnal expression manifested by ball slapping, deep penetrating, hard fucking in multiple and exaggerated positions.

Love Ir dvd's too.Love to see the young white girls do more kissing and quite shaveing.More creampie shots would be nice too.

ahh yeah redneck. kissing tells it all. its the proof of how much a white girl's enjoying the black stud fucking her. to me its a beautiful scene to see pretty white girls with a black african stud balls deep in her and kissing at the same time. i always look for her white hands on his black back and around his head to show how much shes into it. to me a scene like that is real proof that us white boys can only look but not touch and shes prefers only huge black cock to satisty her lust.
I couldn't agree more. If these vids would only cut back on the non-stop in-and-out (in a dozen different positions), and insert more of the romantic element.....some buildup....some foreplay.....some tenderness.....and a whole lot of kissing !!!

A few doses of that would make my day....and encourage so many more to the joys that a real IR relationship can bring out.

<There I am, prodding the industry again>

see... now this is what I'm talking about. Dear ole mom nature's plan in the flesh. The foreplay is so romantic and in a short time she'll have his huge black cock balls deep in her planting his hot baby jism in her womb.
Hi equippedblk. The pic links don't work. Can you post the pics on here?

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