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S Carolina MWF looking for 2 black doms to seduce

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Oct 17, 2005
and train her.

My Married White Wife is looking for 1-2 Dominant Black Bulls to break her in and train her to be a submissive bbc only slut (not counting me). She has never done it but is totally ready to begin training. This is her fantasy just as much as it is mine. She is a natural slut. Shes just afraid to try it she says for shes afraid how much she will like it.

She wants to be dominated a couple times a week on average.Probably more, possibly less. The more shes into it, the more her pussy is yours to use and abuse.

Must be STD free and attractive and in great shape. Prefer tall (6 feet min) Linebacker type with a must have a legit thick, 8.5+ inches. Sticky, stringy, cummers with heavy loads are prized. Must be able to come more than once in a session.

Husband is straight and will be present sometimes. However, she says that for alot of the time, she would prefer I wasnt around when her bulls are fucking and training her. She is very interested in humiliating me with her lovers in front of me though. She is interested in her bulls talking trash to me.

She is Bi and interested in doing 3somes with her bull(s) and is willing to eat creampies you leave in other women. Other women MUST be attractive.

Not into breeding ,24/7, or major physical abuse like punching.
Light slapping, hair pulling, and forceful fucking is very desired. Humiliation and verbal abuse also highly desired.

She is into guys with shaved heads and or bodys especially. She must find you attractive, sorry.

Email us with a picture at sc_subwife4black@yahoo.com
Will send pics back.
southern lover

where are you guys located in SC? 25/m/blk/greenwood here prefers the 'married/gf' slut. I am a professional by day, and a clean,discrete, freak by night. hit me here or cripjaguar@yahoo.com to get hook up sometime. JJJ
heres a pic


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private lesson

You have one here in Greenwood available for the training. How do you prefer to be contacted so we can set up the date?

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