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It is good to see Sandy back on the net in any format. Can you give us an idea of what the last couple years have been like for you. Last we heard, you were trying deaprately to walk the white line so to speak. Have you crossed over again or is this just a forum to satisfy your emotions/desires?

Hi BZ-

Well... :roll: I guess I have been trying to walk that white line but the road is awfully big and black! Without going into too much detail, the last couple of years have been both wonderful and very hard. The wonderful part is my baby daughter, the hard part was explaining to my two sons why her skin was a beautiful light brown. Needless to say, I have been busy.

Yes, this board is an outlet for my emotions and I have been spending more time with my art. I certainly am bolder and more open than I have been in the past.
You have a dark daughter? I did not know that. From what u have said before in the forum i thought u only had children with your husband. Are u still with him? What does he think about all this? And what happened to the father? You had said before that you did not approve of breeding for fun.

I have never had any kids that i know of. So its always been strange for me to think about kids and how to raise them. I also know kids are smarter and better at guessing what u r really doing than u think. I also know they dont always just sit back and take it. A few of the girls here have already said sort of the same thing. So how old r yr sons now?
From what u have said before in the forum i thought u only had children with your husband. Are u still with him?
Yes, we are still together.

What does he think about all this?
This is a very long story and maybe one day I will write it up and submit it to Black Cavern.

And what happened to the father?
We still see each other and he is involved in his daughter's life.

You had said before that you did not approve of breeding for fun.
I do not. I think it is degrading of women and make us no better than dogs or slaves. I bore all my children because of love.
Thanks Rob, I appreciate your support. I have never been one to try and convince people that my approach is right, just that you should repect others feeling. I never wanted to hurt my husband or family but I was also not going to deny my daughter her heritage. This is a story still in the making.

In the mean time, I think you should pose a new topic and see if we can stir up some dust on this board.
Oh Rob! :roll: You are great, don't lurk out there. Besides, no body is posting on my new advice board and I am lonely in here... you wouldn't want me to be lonely now would you?

Come on over here (offering Rob a nice comfy spot on the sofa) and sit next to me... Oh, you don't mind if I slip into something more comfortable do you?


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To Sandywho-

You are a great artist. Oh I said that already didn't I? Okay. You are a wonderful artist. Hell baby your pictures turn me on. They are sexy and smart all at the same time. I wish i had one of those big coffeetable books with your pictures in it.

To KC_Rob-

Man you need to get over yourself. I was thinking about doing naughty shit with the girls in my class before i was ten years old. I am talking about bondage and domination and all that good stuff. Just let it all out. Keeping it in will just make you sick. Thats why most serial killers are white men. They hold stuff in till they go pop.

Yo Sandy you want a topic. Here is one. What would you tell swinging parents when there teenage daughter...I am talking a minor here...finds out what mommy and daddy have been doing with the studs they pick up at the local clubs and wants to follow in there footsteps?

We had a few people talk about it in another posting but mostly it has been just women talking about when they were the young girls. Only a couple of parents have talked about it and we all know there are lots more out there. I think the rest are just ashamed or embarrassed.
KC_rob said:
... slip into something a little less restrictive. You might be wearing it for someone else, but I'm sure I would enjoy the presentation. *grin*

You bet your sweet smile you would enjoy the presentation!

But seriously, don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or you will regret later. Enjoying a fantasy may be much better for you than attempting to change people into something they are not comfortable with.


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New Web Site

So Sandy, what will happen to the old drawings and photo stories on your old web site? Will you move those over? Scratch them? Do many people still visit the old MSN site?

Another question. How does your black lover feel about you moving to a pay site and promoting interracial relationships? Is he really trying to help out other brotha's or is he just putting you out on the a electronic sorta way?

Hi Zep-

First, I am not moving to a pay site. I am going to offer my pictures for sale at the new site. It is going to be an erotic art site where people can either view images for free :D or (and I hope) be willing to pay a few dollars to download a high quality art folder with a background story about each piture. The folder will have a full sized picture for printing on your own color printer. I am hoping that people who are private collectors of erotic art will be willing to support artists with modest donations.

I am still planning on keeping my MSN site going. I have always wanted to figure out some way to improve it so maybe when I learn more about web design I will get it cleaned up. You have always been our best member so please don't stop contributing!

As to boyfriend and hubby.... what they don't know, won't hurt them. :wink: Well, I guess that is not really fair. What I should say is that I am not sure how my kids would feel if they found out Mom has been sharing her sexual liaisons with everyone. Some things are just better left unknown.
Re: New Web Site

Blackzeppelin said:
... or is he just putting you out on the a electronic sorta way?

Hi again-

I went back and re-read your posting and it suddenly dawned on me what you were saying! LOL! :lol: Not enough coffee this morning!

No, he is not putting me out on the street but it would make for a wonderful erotic adventure. I did have a brief relationship with a black guy who wanted me to chat online with men as he was fondling and having sex with me. Sorry, but you just can not type when you are bent over a desk and a 200+ lbs African American pounds into you. Now if I was still with him, he would have been the type that would have loved having me out as an "electronic streetwalker."
Beautiful Breasts Sandy! Your art is very interesting. I would like to see more of them. Your new daughter will probably be stunning. They are the prettiest children, more so than any single race. Discover magazine once did a computer composite of all races mixed together and they were an exceedingly attractive combination. We would be better off if race and religion were not such determining factors in our lives.
Of course I agree.... :)

Hi Dog-

You must be a very intelligent person! My boobs, babies, and art all thank you for your compliments. Of course it may be just mother’s pride but my daughter is already a beauty. I know I read someplace that if you mixed all the races you would end up children who looked Polynesian. I guess I have started my own little process of changing the world. Hmm, now I am a white, Irish, Catholic woman whose child was fathered by a black, African, Baptist… so if she was to marry a man of Chinese, Jewish, Hispanic, Moslem parentage… then my grand kids would be beautiful (of course) children of the world and totally confused about what holidays to celebrate! I love it! Of course that still leaves Indian, Hindu, American Indian, Budist, Arab, Esikmo... if anyone out there reading this meets that discription, write me... we have work to do!
So u think being put on the street would be a great adventure? You r very lucky I am not there with u right now. LOL.

But seriously now have any of your lovers shared u with friends? A little roleplaying in a nice quiet motel with real money changing hands is good for getting white girls hot and wet.

Oh and we want to see another of your great pictures.
Hi Rhino-

Knowing you, I am not sure I would trust you to just keep this a roleplaying game!

But to answer your question, no, none of my lovers have ever shared me with friends. Thats not to say they haven't wanted me to dress sexy and show them what I got. My experience is that men really want their girfriend to look and act like a slave girl from a harem, not a **********. The slave girl only serves one master, the ho serves anyone.

Here is one of my favorites from my Theresa series. Theresa and her husband asked me to do some pictures using her photos and themes they suggested. The whole Theresa series can be seen on Dark Cavern.


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Harem? Slave girl? Yeah I like the sound of that!
Sandy What Ever Happened To Theresa From The Rick And Theresa Series Are You Going To Do More With Her
Hi Bunny-

The Rick and Thersa pics are on my web site It was fun to work with them but when they sort of dropped out of sight, I thought I would go on to other projects.

I love the new art (Gardening with Mom) you have just posted. Very sexy
and leaves me with a wild imagination about what the story is behind the

Hope to see more of this in the near future...