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Seduction of a Married White Woman

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Jul 26, 2005
You can have her also. Her email is listed below. She will meet you that I am 100% sure. They live in the chicago area

Seduction of a Married Wife

Hello, My name is Dion and I would like to tell you a true life story. I am a 32 year old black man living in Chicago. I am what you will call a very handsome man, 6’2, 215, and muscular. White women always come onto me looking for what their husbands can not do for them.

Some of my brotha friends were talking about hooking up with some women they meet on yahoo. They told me they make up names that horny women want to chat with to learn about being with a black man. They told me that they have done this several times and that these women are hot and tight. They want and need to feel us brotha’s in their pussy and experience what we can give them. They said they have continued to meet with them and that some of these women have the blessing of their husbands.

I did not believe them so I went home that night and created a screen name that had the words “BI Black Male” and listed where I live. My mom always played scrabble with us as kids so that we would have a great vocabulary and even maybe it would help us out when we got older. Well, I found a game called Literati and played a couple rounds when I started talking to a person who I thought lived in California and later found out that she really lived somewhere near Chicago. We chatted and she turned the conversation to sex and sex with men.

She said "i just wanted to say I liked your profile"

I waited as a short time and responded “"What part in particular attracted you to it?"

"i love to imagine myself getting fucked by a big black man and also seeing my husband cleaning us up after we are done"

I asked "You have had similar thoughts before?"


Yes, she had had similar thoughts before. They seemed to be growing stronger the longer she explored them on the internet.

I asked "What is your name?"


I ask her “Does your husband shares these same thoughts or is this your fantasy”?

Lauren responds that her husband has wanted to see her being fucked by a black man in the past and that she thinks now maybe the time to act out his fantasy.
She reveals to me that her husband has written sex stories in the past and points me to a website called www.darkwanderer.net and tells me to look up a writer called “Her Whipping Boy”

I tell her to hold on while I read the story. As I read the story I realize that this woman is searching for a black man to fuck in front of her husband. I tell her that I love his story and that he is very good knowing that this will keep her talking to me.

Over the next few nights we discuss her fantasy further and she introduces me to her husband online. His personality is exactly how he describes in his story and I can tell that I can dominate him and her and get them to do my bidding. He desperately wants to be bisexual and she wants to get fucked by a real man and see him dominated by her black stud.

During the next three weeks I spoke with Lauren almost every night with her husbands consent. She would tell me how much she wanted to have my black cock in her and to see me fuck her wimp of a husband. I continued my section of her and would talk with her for hours on end about us. She called me her lover in front of her pussy husband and said how much she wanted me. During these sessions she confided to me that her husband was small and had problems keeping it up. She told me that he was around 5’” and was semi hard when they fucked. I had sent her pictures of me and my cock. (I don’t like to brag but I am very endowed and have an issue with expelling too much precum. I have more precum then most men shoot when they cum) She said that she could not believe that someone had that much precum and was really looking forward to experiencing it. Her husband had her call her “Big Black Dildo” Dion and she would call my name when he used it on her.

My seduction was working as planned and she asked her husband to setup a time for all of us to meet. I had asked her to have him write a story about our meeting. He was a little reluctant about it but finished it for us. He also submitted this story to www.darkwanderer.net Lauren had confided in me that “Whipping Boy, said that I was calling your name out in my sleep, Dion”. When she told me this I knew she was mine.

We decided on a date and “Her Whipping Boy” setup a place for us to meet and told me the hotel where we would meet. This was an upscale hotel so I knew that things would go well.

At work I had told my friends about my soon to be first experience and they asked if they could come along to give her a real fucking. I said they could come to the hotel but could not get wit her because she was mine. They kept at me and wanted to bring a camera for me so that I could remember my first time fucking someone’s wife in front of her husband. I had to convince them that I did not want to ruin the first time.

It was one week away and I Lauren all worked up and all she said that she wanted was my cock. She said that she may even come ahead of her husband for some one-on-one fucking. I guess her husband was now using the dildo as a strap-on for her and I asked her to fuck him with it. She said she would and later told me that she knows he wants to get fucked by me. She said he would eat out any jism that I deposit in her, his ass, his mouth. She was into me embarrassing him in front of her.

I was sitting back and laughing to myself. I have seduced her so well that she was flying in from California to get fucked by me in front of her husband. They were paying for the hotel and anything I wanted. She later confided to me that her husband tried to back out but she pushed in into coming here. She is one of the smartest people that I have met and someone turned his backing out around on him and made him feel like shit.

They flew into town and I guess spent the day getting ready for me. He bought new clothes for him and her. He brought her to get a manicure and pedicure for me. When she showed up at the bar I knew it was her. She was the most stunning person I have seen in a long time. My friends and I sat back and watched her as she scouted for me but she did not know that the pictures I sent of the face and upper body were of one of my friends. I knew she would still gravitate to me and when this guy (Later found out it was her husband) came up to me and told me that the person over there (Pointing to his wife) said that “I was hot”. I played coy and said “Really”? Pointing to her and saying “She thinks I am hot”?

Her husband said “Yes, go and talk to her”

I told him that I would be over in a little bit and then he left. I told my friends that she was the one and that her husband just made contact with me. I knew that if I played innocent a little while longer they would beg me to come over to them. I was right. About a ½ hour later her husband came over to me again and asked me if I was afraid of her. Playing right into my plan I said no and that I would be right over.

From the moment I came over and sat next to her I could tell she wanted my black love stick in her. She was all over me and was rubbing her hand up and down my thighs trying to feel my black man meat she craved. Her husband came back over pretending to be her boss. I even had him paying for my drinks. What a fucking pussy, fly’s her to meet her new lover, pays for the hotel, and now my drinks and is practically asking me to fuck her.

She was so fucking hot and I could see her eyes telling me that she needed to get fucked bad. I slid my fingers into her tight cunt and felt total wetness. She was ready for me. Her husband had smuggled some week aboard the plain and asked us if we wanted to go out and smoke it. I wanted it real bad but his fucking wife was all over me. She was kissing on my neck and rubbing my cock. We finally made it out doors and while her husband lights the dube she was on my cock. She was fucking giving me head while her pathetic bisexual boyfriend was watching. She asked if we could go up to her room to have more fun.

I made up a story that I rode with my friends so that I could scram after fucking her. We arrived in their room and I proceeded to treat her like a *****. I was on the phone while she was sucking my cock and begging me for it. She was not the best cock sucker so I wanted to fuck her. I fucked her for a little bit, came in her pussy and got dressed and left. Knowing this would make her feel like a true slut. She even came after me telling me to have nice night.

What a fucking turn on knowing that I seduced a white wife and she conning her husband into letting me fuck her in front of him.

I have a second part that I will write soon. There is more to this story. She had her pathetic hubby pose for a picture for me with a dildo up his ass. I asked her to have him shave all his pubic hair off and he did for his wife’s lover. She even posed as one of my “Bisexual” Friends and seduced him into doing even more things for me. Those stories and more coming soon.

If you want a piece of great white pussy shoot them an email They can be reached at newboyfriend69@comcast.net
She told me they are looking for other bm in Chicago

Please contact them if you are interested

Yahoo IM So_Forceful
email newboyfriend69@comcast.net
They still need it

for some reason their email does not work but you can still reach them on yahoo

so_forceful is their yahoo ID
great story
"I slid my fingers into her tight cunt and felt her total wetness. She was ready for me"

What more can a black man say when a white wife is that turned on...and literally begging for his penis........and does not want her hubby's pencil inside her any more ? Black is so good.

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