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New around here...
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Aug 30, 2005
i'm a sex-starved male, are any ladies interested who are willing to travel far?

I have (unbelievably) great stamina and am a quick repeater. I could go on for 5-8 hours at a stretch.

another thing (possibly a turnoff) is that i'm a virgin. So i don't have any practical experience, but theoretically i consider myself a pundit. I'm extremely kinky and nothing is off-limits to me.

here's a clip of me masturbating (low quality, though)


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nice pic

how far to travel? bet u couldnt last 5-8 hours in my hot tight cunt.
Would love to have you fill my red-haired cunt with your black-seed juices. Really love bbc's like yours.
Is India too far?

anybody who's gonna come to India for this cock?
:twisted: cum in me baby i will give u a run for that big cock.....

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