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Sexy Black Chicago area wife.

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Nov 25, 2005
Chicago couple looking to meet friends for threesomes. 4c78.jpg
That's sweet!

nice picture
Really Nice Picture Honey
Makes Me Wish I Was In Chi-town
send me a private message with e-mail or msn addy so we can chat
show us more? I am already encouraged but show me more......I am in fort Wayne IN....not far from you at all....nasty.freak69@yahoo.com

mwf luv to get hubby into bf

Nice ass, very nice!!!!!
Hello Black male is chicago that would love to meet and play

Hello I'm TJ a Black male 6'6" 245 lbs former college bball player now a medical professional str8 D&D free seeking real woman like yours in the pic hit me up if you are serious. I am in chicago area


ChocolateCreampieInjecter said:
Chicago couple looking to meet friends for threesomes.2005_111911-18-050015.JPG


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she does have very spreadable piece of fine ass on her doesn't she!
Show Us That Fine Wet Pussy, Need To Deposit Some Cumm In It.

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