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Shopping for my Hotwife

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Nov 25, 2023
North Carolina
Currently my Hotwife has me searching to find her a Bull on a swinging site. She has told me what she wants...height, weight, age range, cock size. I message the potential Bulls and introduce myself as her cuck, then let them know I am searching on her behalf and do some initial screening. This is all done while I am in my cuck uniform which is now a bra, panties, stockings, and my small cock cage. The Bulls that meet criteria are then passed on to her with a couple pictures and notes on why I feel they are a good Bull for her. She picks a couple to start messaging directly with and the others I am required to let them know she has passed on. When she selects her Bull(s), only she messages with them, but she does tell me she is owned so I know. Also, in months that she has a Bull not only am I paying her a fee for having a micropenis, I pay her a Bull fee as well.

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You may be a pathetic cuck, but you're my pathetic cuck to put to work.
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