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Should cuckolds be allowed intercourse with their wives?

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Oct 15, 2004
My wife, a self described slut, and I are discussing whether we should continue to have intercourse while she has a lover (or lovers). We've both lived the cut off life style before (me a year with a former GF / her 7 years with her ex). Should she deny me pussy when she's getting laid elsewhere? Should this be the norm for cucks?
This should allways be the norm for cuckolds : your wife's pussy belongs to her lover and is off-limits for you
No pussy for the Cuckolds, all they get is the Creampies unless the wife decides she wants to strap on a dildo and fuck him with it. I think the Cuckolds should all become Shemales/Transsexuals or what ever you want to call them. The pussy should be for Black Men only.
I have to agree with subsis & mwf4blkmenonly. No pussy for the cuckold, except for creampie clean up. And cucky should be feminized too. . .
then the cuck should be able to go fuck any girl that wants him if he cant get laid.
Cuckolds should have Sex with their Wife.......Omly after the Brothas are finished with her!

Peace. 8)
no sex for cuckolds with their little pjnk dicks
if i need fucking i make him wear a big black strap on
after he eats my wet used pussy
That's your wife...bang her all you want..WTF?! :evil:
intercourse with wife

Cuckolds should only be allowed to eat creampie from wife's pussy or ass.......never should he be allowed to fuck wife......never
If a wife is being bred by her lover, then the answer is very clear - no the husband must be completely denied.
The only sex you should be allowed is cleaning her afterward and with her permission...jerking off.
I go with "sslave".

Although, I say it's up to the wife rather she wants him or not.
The cuck has no decision about it!!!
The wife and her Bull will decide!
Get him into panties ASAP

The nerve of this pathetic excuse for a man! The only sex he should be allowed is for cleanup duties for both his wife and her masterful lover! He should be feminized under her direction, for his black Master's amusement, and he should be on the receiving end of his Master's cock as well!
cuck should be allowed to fuck the wifes gaping pussy only after she has taken black seed. This is the ultimate humilation, getting her pussy but not being able to feel anything inside. And he should cum before her lover gets hard again or else get nothing else for the evening...
My little hubby & I have not found a black bull yet but we fantasize about it. We are afraid our friends may find out.

In our fanstasy's we've agreed if I do find a bull for my 50 year old body, Hubby only gets to watch & pleasure himslef, eat creampies & sloppy leftovers after my bull leavees so all he can feel is a creamy mess. I'm past breeding but if I wasn't & then hubby would only get his own hand & creampies!

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