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Jul 13, 2004
:oops: I have offered my 39 yr. old petit and beautiful lady the opportunity to be shared with a well hung black man (men) at her discretion (no strings attached), even though she was a virgin when we married, and still is today with exception for me. Outwardly she is a lady in everyway...confident, caring and sensitive, inwardly though she is shy and reserved about her sexually. She knows I yearn to watch her be fully serviced in all ways by a hard, black cock. She is very experienced in pleasing me well though she is nervous about any such encounter and how to proceed without embarrasement. She is even nervous about this post and the responses that might be generated, but I'm sure you will agree with me that she has what it takes. Your kind words of encouragement and pictures of what she does for you studs might just help me to convince her on what she's missing out on. Please be kind as she to will be reading these responses. I will send more pics if responses are favorable. Thks.
blacks + white wives

I am a professional traveling for business. I enjoy meeting with white wives for dinner, dancing and seduction. I look forward to meeting with you for an intense evening. I'm on yahoo IM,you may email me there as well darkleatherpriest@yahoo.com.

Email me for pic.

still a virgin :D only had 1 dick in her life .now that is some good punanny :p very hot don't be scare share some of what you have to offer.yes we would love to fill all the holes you have to offer.
Now! Doesn't it feel better just spreading your legs and showing your pussy to all us swinging dicks.
You know you want to...and secretly like it, anyway!

You have a sweet looking pussy. You should enjoy showing it off!

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